A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Saturday Kindergarten Post

Happy Saturday!  It’s been a super fun day here at the Kindergarten Smorgasboard World Headquarters!!  Why, you ask?!  Because someone got a new toy!

OH YEAH!  This thing is a beast.  I am loving it…but it’s scary.  I’m learning…so bear with me for a while!
So, let’s see what we did this week.  First and foremost, we all survived the full moon Valentine’s Day Friday tri-fecta!
How about some candy heart science?  We had a blast with this science activity!  We predicted what would happen to our candy hearts in water, vinegar and soda.  We let the hearts sit over night and then observed what happened.  We recorded our answers on our recording sheet.  
There’s nothing quite the sounds of kindergarteners oohing and aaahing over science experiments!  Must. do. more. science.

We worked hard on decomposing numbers and number bonds this week.  The ‘staches did AMAZINGLY well with this skill.  I give all of the credit to the fact that they’re all little geniuses and those super glitterific number bond work mats that I made for them!  It’s awesome what amuses a five year old.  They loved those things!  
We also did a super cute assessment project to test our decomposing skills.  We did a fun doggie decomposing numbers art project.  The ‘staches decomposed a number using doggie paw prints!  Fun??  Art??  Assessment??  BAM!  
Click the number bond picture to see the post where you can get the free number bond practice pages!
The doggies came from my Doggone Numbers creation!  
We also worked on our measuring skills this week!  We measured some love!  We are measurement experts after using all of our Common Core measurement creations this year!!!  
We’ve been hard at work on long vowel/cvc-e words for a few weeks and we’ve gotten to be pretty good at spotting the magic E.  This week we took our knowledge and put it to practice.  Mr. Greg showed a picture and the ‘staches had to write the word using their sounds and the magic e.  Those dry erase paddles make everything more fun and engaging!!  I got mine at Oriental Trading.  Actually my mommy gifted them to my class a few years ago, but I highly suggest you get a class set!  Seriously…super fun and super worth it!!!  
We have been hard at work on being good writers.  Mr. Greg is a lousy teacher of writing so he is using Writing Through The Year from Mrs. Jumps Class and Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten.  People, this is an example of how powerful this writing curriculum is.  This girl was writing letters and reading it as a sentence just a couple of weeks ago.  Enter the writing lessons and now we have a 3 sentence story.  That deserves some glitter!!!!  
Now, I tried to get the story behind the kicking the wall but she said she just made it up.  Sure she did…
And you can see our anchor chart for ideas to help us write!  Another great lesson from the writing units!
We also are big fans of nouns.  We HEART nouns!  So we did a super fun Valentine’s project with nouns!  We made cute mosaic hearts.  Then we wrote nouns on little hearts and put it all together!  Again….art…learning…Common Core…BAM!
We also learned the letter and sound of L this week so of course we made lion hats.  And what did we all want to do? ROAR!  Of course!
And of course, we had to rock out to some Valentine’s day fun!

Check out the food.  
Check out the mustache goodies I got the ‘staches.  Mustache bag…mustache glasses…mustache whistle (which I’m sure the parents love me for!!!)…mustache straw and mustache disguise!  Again…loving me some Oriental Trading!

We made love bugs to decorate our Valentine’ bags!  This idea was inspired by my friends at Doodlebugs Teaching.  The ‘staches made the love bugs and glued them onto glittery gift bags I got at the dollar store!
And we all know that not a day goes by in the land of the kindergarten smorgasbord without a hat.  We made love bug hats.  Here we are sporting our love bug hats and mustache glasses!

 And just to confirm that we are the best dressed kindergartners everywhere (I might be a bit biased)…check out our rocking outfits.  Suspenders…mustaches…glittery shoes…People, we are fashionistas!  Mr. Greg is going to have to step up his game!

And that folks, was our week.  And you have just read the first ever Kindergarten Smorgasboard blog post written and created on my new Mac Book Air and 27″ Thunderbolt display!
Maybe my Mac needs a name….hmmmmm…ideas?!

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