Happy Saturday!  Yesterday was the Mister’s birthday so we celebrated last night with dinner and drinks!  We went to a local favorite (Puckett’s Boat House) which was the most complicated dining experience EVER!  A few weeks ago we went to the original Puckett’s  for “restaurant week” which the place was participating in and they were closed for a special event.  You can’t be part of restaurant week and be closed.  They gave us a gift card so we were going last night for dinner.  After checking their website TWICE we were all good.  No events were listed…they were open.  LIES!  All lies!  It was a $12 cover to get in…plus you had to buy your dinner…plus you had to have reservations.  Seriously…these people…so we went to the sister location.  Um, 45 minute wait.  But the kicker was that there were 7 tables open in the dining room.  They were reserved.  And guess what?  When we left??  4 of those tables were still empty.  Seriously the most complicated restaurant experience ever.  And we won’t be going back.  Anyways, we had a blast!  The food was delicious!  And the mister had a great birthday!
We’re celebrating again tonight with more dinner and drinks at a less complicated establishment! For his birthday I got him the entire Mama’s Family T.V. series on DVD and an iPhone 5s!  He puts up with ME so he deserves that and so much more.
Alrighty, here is what you really came to see.  It’s the Saturday Kindergarten Post!!  It was quite a week for sure!  Monday off…Wednesday I was out to present a professional learning day on centers…but despite a short week, we sure accomplished a lot!!  But not everything we wanted to…so next week is going to be a catch up/transition week for us!  Stay tuned!
This week we focused on making 10 in math.  We made an anchor chart and worked on some independent practice.  We also made living ten frames and used those to determine how many more we needed to make 10!  At first we struggled with this concept but as the week went on, it started to click!  And really, who doesn’t like learning with aliens in underwear?!
This week we also worked on subtraction and addition word problems.  Man, the ‘staches rocked these!  We did some whole group practice with our white boards (white boards=instant engagement!) and then we did independent practice.  So how did we do??  100% mastery!!  They were even reading the problems themselves!!!!  I was a happy happy teacher!  And really, who doesn’t love some pirates for math?!
We have been hard at work on our writing!  Thanks to Deanna Jump and DeeDee Wills Writing Throughout The Year units, my ‘staches writing has improved 1 million percent.  Seriously.  
Story 1 is about having a barbecue.
Story 2 is about spider girl and a girlfriend.  Yes, girlfriend.
Story 3 is epic.  It’s about him watching Frozen and dad turning it off.  
If you’re in the market for some writing instruction, check out this unit!!!
We also learned about presidents this week.  George and Abe were this week.  Monday will be President Obama.  We learned a lot about both presidents…you know, George Lincoln!  Truth!
Sadly, we did not get to make our Abe Lincoln because I am having some technical issues with the MacStache.  For some reason, when I print to my laser printer, it takes FOREVER.  Printing the pieces for George took an hour.  UGH!  I am trying to figure it out!
Thanks to one of my blogging BFF (Ya know, BBFF) Katie at Teacher To The Core for these amazing craftivities!
We wrapped our 2 weeks of Olympic viewership by graphing our favorite Olympic event.  You think you do a good job of teaching young minds and then no one votes for Curling.  Epic fail, little ‘staches!!   I am sad that the Olympics are coming to and end!  It’s been so much fun ending our day with the Olympics!  
This week we worked on the U sound.  We did our circle maps and our begins like chart!  I love this chart for a quick Friday review!  It’s simple, it’s engaging and it solidifies that sounds for the ‘staches!
Umbrella, upside down, up and underwear.  Of course, underwear!
And of course, no week is complete without a silly hat!  How about an upside down umbrella hat?!  
Thanks to Simply Kinder for the hats!
Friday means Mad Science Friday and Foodie Fun Friday!  We learned about healthy teeth with a super fun science experiment!  We soaked hard boiled eggs over night in soda, juice (Crystal Light Fruit Punch) and coffee.  We left one in water to see how water doesn’t hurt our teeth.  We predicted what might happen to our teeth.  We predicted they might get dirty, change colors, get sticky, shrink or get nasty.    And we left them to soak.
Friday we removed the teeth from the cups and were amazed!  Our teeth were nasty.  They turned brown and red.  We talked about how things can hurt our teeth and ways to care for them.  We discussed brushing and flossing.  And then we brushed our teeth.  We discovered that brushing got them clean but not back to perfect white!  We also discovered something surprising about the Crystal Light…it makes eggs disintegrate….hmmmm maybe re-think all of that Crystal Light in the pantry.
We recorded our results on our recording sheet! 

And finally, we wrapped up our week with Foodie Fun Friday!  We celebrated our 16th president with a log cabin snack made from bananas!
Each student needs 2 bananas.  Peel the bananas.  Cut them in half.
Slick the bananas in half length wise.
Stack them to build a little structure (just like with Lincoln Logs!)
Drizzle with chocolate syrup.
Add a graham cracker roof!
BAM!  Log Cabin snack!
And that was our week!!!!

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Happy Saturday!  It’s been a super fun day here at the Kindergarten Smorgasboard World Headquarters!!  Why, you ask?!  Because someone got a new toy!

OH YEAH!  This thing is a beast.  I am loving it…but it’s scary.  I’m learning…so bear with me for a while!
So, let’s see what we did this week.  First and foremost, we all survived the full moon Valentine’s Day Friday tri-fecta!
How about some candy heart science?  We had a blast with this science activity!  We predicted what would happen to our candy hearts in water, vinegar and soda.  We let the hearts sit over night and then observed what happened.  We recorded our answers on our recording sheet.  
There’s nothing quite the sounds of kindergarteners oohing and aaahing over science experiments!  Must. do. more. science.

We worked hard on decomposing numbers and number bonds this week.  The ‘staches did AMAZINGLY well with this skill.  I give all of the credit to the fact that they’re all little geniuses and those super glitterific number bond work mats that I made for them!  It’s awesome what amuses a five year old.  They loved those things!  
We also did a super cute assessment project to test our decomposing skills.  We did a fun doggie decomposing numbers art project.  The ‘staches decomposed a number using doggie paw prints!  Fun??  Art??  Assessment??  BAM!  
Click the number bond picture to see the post where you can get the free number bond practice pages!
The doggies came from my Doggone Numbers creation!  
We also worked on our measuring skills this week!  We measured some love!  We are measurement experts after using all of our Common Core measurement creations this year!!!  
We’ve been hard at work on long vowel/cvc-e words for a few weeks and we’ve gotten to be pretty good at spotting the magic E.  This week we took our knowledge and put it to practice.  Mr. Greg showed a picture and the ‘staches had to write the word using their sounds and the magic e.  Those dry erase paddles make everything more fun and engaging!!  I got mine at Oriental Trading.  Actually my mommy gifted them to my class a few years ago, but I highly suggest you get a class set!  Seriously…super fun and super worth it!!!  
We have been hard at work on being good writers.  Mr. Greg is a lousy teacher of writing so he is using Writing Through The Year from Mrs. Jumps Class and Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten.  People, this is an example of how powerful this writing curriculum is.  This girl was writing letters and reading it as a sentence just a couple of weeks ago.  Enter the writing lessons and now we have a 3 sentence story.  That deserves some glitter!!!!  
Now, I tried to get the story behind the kicking the wall but she said she just made it up.  Sure she did…
And you can see our anchor chart for ideas to help us write!  Another great lesson from the writing units!
We also are big fans of nouns.  We HEART nouns!  So we did a super fun Valentine’s project with nouns!  We made cute mosaic hearts.  Then we wrote nouns on little hearts and put it all together!  Again….art…learning…Common Core…BAM!
We also learned the letter and sound of L this week so of course we made lion hats.  And what did we all want to do? ROAR!  Of course!
And of course, we had to rock out to some Valentine’s day fun!

Check out the food.  
Check out the mustache goodies I got the ‘staches.  Mustache bag…mustache glasses…mustache whistle (which I’m sure the parents love me for!!!)…mustache straw and mustache disguise!  Again…loving me some Oriental Trading!

We made love bugs to decorate our Valentine’ bags!  This idea was inspired by my friends at Doodlebugs Teaching.  The ‘staches made the love bugs and glued them onto glittery gift bags I got at the dollar store!
And we all know that not a day goes by in the land of the kindergarten smorgasbord without a hat.  We made love bug hats.  Here we are sporting our love bug hats and mustache glasses!

 And just to confirm that we are the best dressed kindergartners everywhere (I might be a bit biased)…check out our rocking outfits.  Suspenders…mustaches…glittery shoes…People, we are fashionistas!  Mr. Greg is going to have to step up his game!

And that folks, was our week.  And you have just read the first ever Kindergarten Smorgasboard blog post written and created on my new Mac Book Air and 27″ Thunderbolt display!
Maybe my Mac needs a name….hmmmmm…ideas?!

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It’s Saturday!!!!!  Who’s still in their pajamas and reading this?!  It’s OK to be honest…no one will judge you!

Well, The Saturday Kindergarten Post is pretty much the 100th day of school post.  I was only with my ‘staches for two days this week.  Sad.  But true.  Monday was a snow day that was called Sunday afternoon and guess how much snow we actually got?  Zilch.  Nada.  None.  And Tuesday and Wednesday I was sick with the infection-aggeddon.  Sinus and upper respiratory infection.  But I survived and crammed in some learning with the ‘staches!

It was g week so we made our circle map of G words.  The words are:  Greg, gum, glove, ghost, gallop (not a gassy goat), graham cracker, Gogurt, Gucci (yes, we’re fashionistas!), guidance (that’s our lovely guidance counselor and her “party room” as the ‘staches call it.  And yes, she has a disco ball!), goat, goofy and gas!
Lame artist….that’s me!

We read about groundhogs and learned lots of groundhog facts!
And then Friday we celebrated 100 days of school!  I felt nearly 100 years old at the end of the day!  It’s EXHAUSTING to have “the best day of my life” as one of the ‘staches said!
This is a favorite. I label 100 Hershey Kisses with numbers from 1-100 and hide them all over the classroom.  The ‘staches then hunt for the kisses.  When they find one, they color the number in our hundreds chart.  It’s a blast!  This year we found 95 of 100 kisses.  Those 5 will turn up in May I’m sure!

100 snacks!  NUM!  NUM!

And of course, we made our 100 hats!  This is another favorite!!  I love how fun and silly and colorful they are!  And yes, mustaches are included!  Thanks Creative Teaching Press for the new mustache stickers!
This is also a super fun activity.  We write 100 words!  10  words in 10 categories!  
The hardest category?  BOOKS!  They know books but we have to work hard to come up with the actual titles!

Thanks Teacher Created Resources for the bracelets!
And yes, I even got into the act of course!

All of our 100 days fun comes from my FIESTA 100 creation!  And it’s on sale!  Happy 100th day of school!

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Happy Saturday!  While you’re reading this, I will be in day two of my All Star Technology Training!  True story.  I am typing this Friday night after visiting the local Mexican restaurant.  Draw your conclusions.

Saturday means one thing…The Saturday Kindergarten Post.  A look back into the week that was with the Kindergarten Smorgasboard!

This week was all about PENGUINS!  Truth.  Penguins are seriously the cutest ever!  This week I decided we needed to up our game on informational text, research and writing.  So, what Mr. Greg says, happens!  So we did some research, some writing and read some informational text!
Penguin Research Journals!  The ‘staches loved these!  They asked for them daily!  I loved seeing them engaged and excited and learning.  They are serious penguin experts.  

How about some paper plate penguins?!

How about some non directions, non pattern penguins?!  I loved how these turned out!  No patterns, no directions (except the hands in the paint…) and they’re ADORBS!  
We have been hard at work on vowels so I thought we’d do a fun little project using the vowels in our names.  I just adore these!  I love that it’s vowels and names and math!  And they get to color and have fun!  It’s a perfect assessment!  Fun?!  Assessment?!  Oh my…Mr. Greg has done lost it!  hehe
These are from First Grade Fever!

And I did say writing…so, I am a lame lame lame epic failure at teaching writing.  It’s bad.  So I went to the experts.  Mrs. Jump’s Class and Mrs. Willis’ Kindergarten.  
I started using their Writing Through The Year Units.  Two days in and I am AMAZED at the quality of our writing already.  I started at unit 1 lesson 1.  Back to basics.  I told you…I’m bad at teaching writing so we’re back to square one.  But seriously, this has been incredible.  The lessons are so scripted and there is so much information and tips and ideas…it’s foolproof.  It’s Greg-proof!
Seriously…now I can’t wait to teach writing!!!!!!!!
This is what transpired on day two.  Part of the process is to close your eyes and visualize what you want to write about.  Per the directions in the unit, I modeled this very dramatically.  And then this…
They are hardcore visualizing. 
Writing=fun for me now!  And more importantly, my ‘staches feel safe to write and feel like true writers!
And of course, we have our circle maps and our silly hats!

Jelly beans.  In a jar.  On our heads.  
And that, people, is another week in our class….PLUS a surprise visit from a solider all the way from Afghanistan.  Soldier=Mustaches Gone CRAZY!  More on that little surprise at a later date!
And I’m linking up with my pal Farley for the February Currently!
What’s my truth and my fib????

I am joining my blog besties for a super sale!  Lisa at Growing Firsties and Katie at Teacher To The Core and I are having a SUPER BOWL SALE!  Our entire store is 20% off and one of our products is 50% off!!!!!   TRUTH!
50% off…wanna know which product?!

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  • Reply Kristin February 23, 2014 at 3:23 am

    I am a new fan, and I just want to tell you that I love reading your posts! I can't wait to see your videos!

  • Reply Erlyne February 23, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    Every week is such an adventure in kindergarten. Thank you for documenting and sharing your experiences with us. It's fun to be a fly on the wall in your classroom! :o)

  • Reply Michelle Taylor February 24, 2014 at 2:02 am

    I love Writing Throughout the Year!!! I've recently discovered it so I'm starting with Unit 1, even though we are on day 105! It's good stuff and I think it won't matter that it's so late in the year.

    Thanks for sharing all of your plans and ideas! I get some GREAT ideas from you!

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