A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin’ Sunday: February 16th, 2014

It’s Schedulin Sunday!  I’ve been hard at work on lesson plans using the new MacStache computer!  
This week is all about making 10 and presidents!  And some Olympic fun of course!
As always you’re welcome to download my weekly Common Core Lesson Plans!
Click on the picture to download your copy!
So here we go!
This week we will be learning all about Presidents!  We will learn about what presidents do and we will learn about 3 presidents:  George, Abe and the current president!  
We will read a story about each president, make a tree map and craftivity for each president!
We will be using my free presidential emergent readers as our source of information for our tree map.  We will also be using other books as resources for our research!
Click the picture to go to my post about the books and download your copy!
We will also be using our The President this week!
Click the picture to get your copy!
This week in math we will be working on ways to make 10!  
We will use our red and yellow counters to make an anchor chart.
We will use ten frames to help us make 10.
We’re also going to spend some time working on addition and subtraction word problems this week!
For our word problems, Mr. Greg projects the word problem and we read it.  We use our dry erase paddles and counters to solve the word problem.  After we practice whole group, we will practice independently!
Resources for making 10 and word problems will come from these creations:
We will also be graphing our favorite olympic sport!  We will continue watching some Olympic events and will graph the number of gold medals won by several countries!
We will make a super fun presidential snack!
It’s Abe’s cabin.  Or something like that!  Each student gets 3 bananas and 2 graham crackers.  They slice the bananas long ways.  They stack them up like Lincoln Logs.  Mr. Greg will sprinkle chocolate syrup over the bananas and the ‘staches will add a roof of graham crackers!
The presidential craftivities are from my dear friend Katie at Teacher To The Core!

Of course we will make our circle map for U words…we will learn new sight words, work on our blending and segmenting and vowels!  We will continue our writing focus with our Writing Through The Year lessons!
And a science experiment!  Since it’s dental health month, we’re going to do an experiment with eggs and beverages to see what happens to our teeth.  We will soak boiled eggs in juice, soda and coffee.  We will predict what will happen to the eggs.  The next day we will take the eggs out and observe the effects of the drinks.  Then we will brush the eggs with a tooth brush to show how brushing helps our teeth!
And that’s our week!  Sorry this is pretty short and blah today.  I have a grad school assignment to finish!

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