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People, I ain’t as young as I used to be.  We went to the Cher concert (LEGEND!) last night and rolled in around 12:30.  One word:  EXHAUSTED!  But it was worth every minute.  We were in Section 1 Row 8.  Yeah…..that close.  It was an awesome show for sure!!
Today I am sharing another classroom video with you.  This video is a guided reading lesson with my highest group of readers.  We are reading on a level 7 (Running Records) which correlates to a level E if you use Fountas and Pinnell.  This is a day one lesson with our book.
What you see is a guided picture walk.  I am asking them to find sight words and tricky words or certain vocabulary words.  We highlight these words prior to reading to help us be more successful.  I also read an introductory statement.  This statement introduces the book using some of the key sight words or vocabulary words.  Research says that this statement can be one of the single most important pieces of a guided reading lesson (according to our district literacy boss!).  After the statement, we read.  Day one is just a choral reading of the book.  After reading we have some word work which is just writing some of the sight words and tricky words and of course some comprehension questions.  You also will see a simple writing component.  We write a simple sentence about what we can do.  The rest of the week will be reading silently so I can read and listen with students one on one with more writing and comprehension.  During guided reading we focus our comprehension on the “Super 6” comprehension strategies:
Making connections
Today we made a connection by writing about what we can do.  
The lesson takes about 10 minutes.  Some days it will go a bit longer. The lesson looks very similar for all groups.  The difference is of course the text level, the sight words and vocabulary we use and the writing component.
I will say this:  I am blessed to work for a school and a principal who understands that Kindergarten is different so we have time built into our day so we get to read with every child everyday.  So if I can’t pull all of my groups for guided reading during literacy time, we have some time later to pull groups or pull students one on one for more reading practice!!
This is the guided reading planning template I use!  Click the picture to download your copy!  
And just to answer a question: 13 of my 15 students are at grade level or higher.  I have on student on a 16 (F and P level I), a group at level 7, a group at level 4, 5 and 2/3.
I hope you enjoy this peek into our guided reading!  As always leave comments if your have questions!

You can watch the video here or on YouTube!

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Congrats Michelle!

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