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It’s time for another Kindergarten Smorgasboard classroom video.
This video is a request!  Remember, ask and ye shall receive!
We start each day with our morning meeting.  The morning message is a vital part of that meeting.  The message contains a greeting and the date (Good Morning Mr. Greg’s Mustaches.  Today is Monday, February 2, 2015), the message which tells about what’s happening that day, a closing (Love, Mr. Greg) and a math/literacy activity.  
Our morning message is very interactive.  Starting on day 1 of school, the students are involved.  Very quickly I like to turn the writing of the greeting and closing to the students.  At this point in the year, the message part of the meeting is almost completely independent.  If you were to watch our morning meeting, you would see me in the back watching.  The students do the writing and for the most part, reading of the message.    I do differentiate the message.  Depending on whose turn it is to right, I might leave more or less blanks in the greeting and closing. 
The message is a great way to work on handwriting, beginning sounds, stretching words, and sight words.
Today’s video is a “close up” of students writing the greeting.  You will see two different clips of two students writing the message.  This gives you a glimpse of how it looks on different days.

If you’re interested in our morning messages, you can check out my morning message creations.
There are 2 sets:  set 1 and set 2.  There is also a bundle!
AND how about a super fun freebie?!
You asked ….see, ask and ye shall receive!
It’s a February Count The Room freebie!

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