Bowling For Bunnies!

I know you’re expecting Schedulin Sunday…but Mr. Greg is on spring break!!!!  WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!  And how have I been celebrating?!?!  By sleeping for 25 hours.  TRUE STORY!  12 hours on Friday night…3 hour nap on Saturday and 10 hours last night.  BAM!   I think my body finally said:  “ENOUGH!”    But now I feel re-energized and full of creative juices…so look out!
So, bunny bowling?!?!?!   True story.
Here’s the deal…pickle.  (Get it?!  Dill pickle!!!  hahaha)  Last weekend I was blessed to spend the weekend with over 100 of my closest and most inspiring teacher friends at the Spring Teacher Blogger MeetUp in French Lick Indiana.  We had an amazing time.  I walked away inspired and in awe of the brilliant people I am fortunate enough to call friends.  And of course, I walked away with tons of new ideas.
This is one of those ideas!   Thanks to the Dollar Tree Kim Adsit for this idea for making 10 with Dollar Tree eggs, carrots or bunnies!
You need to 10 bunnies, eggs or carrots (Total cost $4 at the Dollar Tree), a ball ( I used a soft sand filled ball) and a recording sheet. Make sure to get the bunnies/eggs/carrots with feet so they stand up!
How does it work?   Students set up 10 bunnies (carrots or eggs) and bowl them over.  They record how many fell over and how many are standing.  And they make 10.  BAM!
My ‘staches begged for this center last week.  It was a huge hit.  Super engaging and simple to set up!  And it meets Common Core standards!  See…Common Core is FUN!!!!
TIPS:  We set our bunnies up on a rug to keep the noise down and keep the bunnies from being massacred.  We also set them up against our stage (but a door or wall works) to keep them contained and prevent bunnies from fleeing the bunny massacre!


Click the pictures below to get your free recording sheets!  I made one with bunnies,  1 with carrots and 1 with eggs!
(These sheets can even be used with regular dice for addition practice!  BAM!  See that…free and multiple uses!  Work smarter not harder!  hehe)



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