Plastic Eggs Math And Literacy Centers!

People, it’s plastic egg week here at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard World Headquarters!    Seriously…It’s been all about the plastic eggs!!
There are so many uses for these amazing teaching devices.   And they’re SO cheap.     Seriously…will be using eggs all year!
Today I have two more centers (workstations/hippopotamuses) using our plastic eggs!
More fun, engaging, hands on activities with eggs and meeting Common Core Standards!
First up, sight words!
I labeled each half of an egg with the same sight word.  The ‘staches will have to find the two
matching parts.  They will use the recording sheets to record their words.  To differentiate the center, they can either color the word or write the word.
(I am actually using this in my sensory bin.  I filled it with Easter basket grass and will put the egg pieces in the bin.  They will find the pieces and match them and record their answers!)
(Click the pictures to download your freebies!)
Next up…those tricky, pesky teen numbers!
There is something about those teen numbers that are just so hard for kiddos.  Maybe it’s just “teen” anything…we all remember how hard our “teens.”
On one half of the egg write a 1.  On the other half write 0-9.  This will make eggs for 10-20.
Students can make a teen number using any colors they want!  That’s part of the fun!  The colors don’t have to match!  Who wants to match anyway??  Matching is boring.  Have you seen my outfits?!  I’m all about the colors!
Students can use the recording sheet to color the ten frame to match the number or color the number!  (See….differentiation….)
(Click the picture to download your freebie!)

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