Happy Schedulin Sunday!!!  
This week’s Schedulin Sunday post is going to be a bit different…because we just got back from a trip to Chicago!   We had a booth at the Illinois ASCD Pre-K/Kindergarten conference and then spent the weekend in the city!
People, we had a blast meeting so many incredible teachers!  The conversations and exchange of ideas was mind blowing!  TEACHERS ROCK!
Thanks to everyone who stopped to say howdy!
And now for the goods…
No lesson plans this week…I have a plan but I didn’t write it down!
This week and next week is all about WEATHER!!!!
We’re using my newest research creation to study all types of weather.  We’re going to research weather, write about weather and even do weather art projects and science experiments. 
And you know….wait for it…there’s going to be a hat!
Here are some of the books we’re using to study weather this week:

Here’s the general plan for our weather unit:
Day 1-what is weather?  Word web.
Students brainstorm everything they can about weather and we record our thoughts.  We revisit this throughout our unit!
Here is your FREE silly hat.  ACTUALLY…hold on to your hats…you have TWO FREE silly hats to choose from.  My TBFF at The Hartmann Sparkle whipped up a fun weather hat and said I could offer it up as a freebie!  So here ya go!  Just click the pictures to get your hats!
Day 2-Sun
Day 4-Rain
Day 5-thunderstorms
Day 6-tornadoes
Day 7-8-clouds and cloud types
Day 9-Water Cycle
Day 10-meteorologist
Each day we read a book about the weather type and we do a tree map for the type of weather.  Then we do an art project or science experiment for the type of weather.  Our learning is recorded in our journals.
Here are some of our weather activities:  
Be the wind!  How car can we blog a feather!

Cloud people help us learn the four basic types of clouds!

The water cycle!  We learn that clouds get full of water and then it rains!

All of these activities plus many more are included in my weather research journal creation!
We’re also working on CVC-E words all week!  We will be doing circle maps, and lots of writing activities for CVC-E words!
In math, more subtraction and addition practice!
And of course, we’re throwing some St. Patrick’s Day fun into the mix!
It’s gonna be a super fun week!  Tons of hands on science and art projects all tied to COMMON CORE STANDARDS!!!   I love when we do research journals because we get to do so much fun stuff while meeting the standards!  BAM!  See, common core can be fun!!!  
Here’s a free emergent reader for you too!  (These are both found on the FREEBIES PAGE!)
Here’s a fun weather related subtraction freebie for ya!
Here are some of the creations we’re using this week:

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