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It’s time for another kindergarten smorgasboard classroom video!!!!!!  
Recently, we’ve made some changes to our calendar routine.
We removed the counting to the date part of the routine at the beginning.  And since data (look at us…adjusting our instruction based on data!!!  We so good…) shows that the ‘staches need some work on 1 more and 1 less, we tweaked greater than and less than.  Now, we give the number that is 1 more (greater) and 1 less (less than).  
We also rearranged the order of the activities to a more logical sense.  Now it’s date, digital date, days of the week.  THEN number sense stuff.   Number of the day, ten frame, even and odd, tally marks, 1 more, 1 less, and counting on and counting back.  We now end with our days in school and place value!
Calendar takes about 10 minutes and meets so many standards:  KCC1  KCC2  KCC3  KCC4  KCC5  KCC6  KCC7  KNBT1
That’s a lot of standards everyday…in just a few minutes!!!  BAM!  Calendar time ROCKS!!!  
In this video, you see our struggle with writing the number 110!!!  
You also hear me ask one ‘stache to stay quiet during calendar…this is my friend DogPound…and we can’t let him do all of our work…  
You might also hear me remind my student of the day to slow down!  Sometimes we get in a bit of a hurry!  
I hope you enjoy our latest video!  Let me know if you have questions or comments!
You can view the video here or head over to my YouTube Channel!

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