Metallic Beans Sensory Bin

 You know I love my glitter.  If it can be glittered, I’m all for it.  I would probably glitter myself if I could…..hmmmm now my brain is working…and turning…Imagine one of my fun teaching outfits being ME covered in glitter.  Can you handle glittery Greg?!?!  OMG!  OK…instead let’s make a metallic sensory bin!
So…you also know I incorporated a sensory bin into our classroom this year.  And yes, it’s differentiated and yes it is academic and yes the ‘staches love it.  !    So I’m always looking for fun things to put in the sensory bin.
Since this week is St. Patrick’s Day, why not sparkly, metallic beans?!?!

Here’s what you need:

white beans (I used little beans and big beans)
ziploc bag
metallic watercolor paint
I found my watercolors at Amazon for about $8 a bottle.
(Click on the pictures to get your paint at Amazon!)

Here’s how to make sparkly metallic beans for your metallic sensory bin!

Put some beans into your ziploc bag.
Add paint.  I just squirted  paint all around the beans.  You can add more after your shake the beans.
Close the bag.  You don’t want to paint yourself…or you might…and if you do…YAY YOU!
Shake the beans.
Once the beans are coated, pour the beans onto a plate to dry.
st. patrick's day sensory bin
After they dry (about an hour)…pour the beans into your sensory bin!  BAM!
metallic sensory bin
I used the CVC and CVC-E words from my St. Patrick’s Day blackline creation to differentiate the sensory bin hippopotamus (hippos..cuz we can’t call them centers anymore…TRUE STORY!).
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metallic sensory bin


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