Glittery Subtraction Freebie!!!

Howdy ya’ll!!!!   Happy hump day!!!  Did everyone make it through their day?  We actually had outdoor recess so it was a good day!
I am always looking for fun, engaging activities to strengthen our skills.  Right now, were working on subtraction.  I wanted to do a whole group activity that involves movement and our favorite material: GLITTER!!!
My TBFF Jenny at The Hartmann Sparkle whipped me up some glittery Peeps clipart so I made a Glittery Peep Math The Room activity for adding and subtracting to 10!!!
It was a huge hit today.  I loved watching the ‘staches roaming the room and solving subtraction problems!!

And guess what??  You can have this glittery math fun for FREE!!!  
Included are adding and subtracting to 10 and recording sheets for each skill!!
To get your freebie, head over to my Facebook page.  Click on the FREEBIES tab on the left side of the page (or at the top) and download your freebie!
OR you can just click the picture to get your freebie!!!!

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