Learning The Alphabet! 3 Tips

I am joining up  Sweet Sounds Of Kindergarten and The Kindergarten Connection to share ideas and tips to learn the alphabet!
Tip 1:  ABC Bootcamp
At the beginning of the year, we do ABC Bootcamp which is a research based, classroom proven 26 day approach to teaching letters and sounds.  ABC BOOTCAMP is a totally flexible program that can be adapted to meet any curriculum, basal reader series or district scope and sequence. This resource was created to give our students letter and sound knowledge early in the school year so we could begin to become readers and writers.  ABC BOOTCAMP is an intensive, engaging curriculum that not only teaches letters and sounds but brings fun and excitement into your classroom at the beginning of the year.

The following components all contribute to the success of ABC Bootcamp. Be sure and click the button below to learn ALL about the component in more detail.

  • Circle Charts
  • Student Circle Charts Book
  • Silly Hats
  • Handwriting
  • Letter Art
  • Certificates and Dog Tags
  • ABC BOOTCAMP Fashion Show  (As featured in Scholastic Teacher Magazine!)
  • ABC Bootcamp Centers
At the end of ABC Bootcamp we celebrated with a fashion show.  Each child receives a paper bag vest made form grocery bags.  Each bag is labeled with a letter.  Students take the bags home and decorate them with pictures for their letter.    We all gather in the hallway, crank the music and work the runway with our ABC Bootcamp fashions!  We also receive dog tags, a certificate and our bootcamp army helmet!!
Tip 2:  Letter Discovery Bottles
This is a great activity for learning letters becuase it’s hands on, engaging and it’s a little noisy!
I used Gatorade bottles and colored rice.  I filled the bottles with rice and added some letter beads.
Students shake the  beads, find a letter and color the letter on their recording sheet!
This is a great partner activity, a center or workstation activity and a small group activity!!
Tip 3:  Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM!
Who doesn’t love the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!
We read the book and do many fun activities with letters while studying the book!
First, we do a letter hunt!
I fill a tub with sand and bury magnetic letters into the sand!   Students dig through the sand and pull out a letter.  We name the letter and put the letter on our magnetic easel.  As we go, we put the letters in order, too!
To celebrate the end of our CCBB study, we make some BOOMs of our own!
I print letters  on colored paper, roll them up and slip them into baloons.  Then I blow up the balloons so the letters are inside the balloons.
Then, each child gets a balloon and we pop them!  CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM!
We read the letters and put them in order on our pocket chart!!
I am joining some of my friends to share their ideas for learning the alphabet!

Simply Kinder
Here are some of my creations for learning the alphabet!

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