Q-Tip Manipulatives

I love Monday Made It!!    Cuz I love making stuff.  I love finding ideas for using routine and ordinary items in the classroom.
What’s more ordinary than Q-Tips?!
How about turning them into pretty and colorful manipulatives?!
plastic cups
wax paper
liquid watercolors (or food coloring)
Put several drops of liquid watercolor (or food coloring) into a cup.  Add a little water.  Adjust the amount of water and watercolor to adjust the color.   

Dip the Q-Tips into the watercolor and water.  I let it sit for a few seconds.  Lay the Q_tips on wax paper to dry.  Drying takes a few hours so be patient!
So, now that I’ve made several hundred colored Q-Tips, what will I do with them?!?!
Here are some ideas:
greater than less than
build letters
build numbers
build shapes
counting syllables

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