Dollar Tree Cutouts

It’s Thrifty Thursday time!!!   I love Thrifty Thursday because it gives me a valid reason to go to the Dollar Tree!!!   
So…this year…I am vowing to cut back my classroom spending so I’m looking for CHEAP, EASY and FUN ways to make new centers.  Hello Dollar Tree!
Did you know they have these super fun cut outs in all kinds of fun shapes?!?!
I’ve seen these before and I know that the shapes vary and change frequently so these are great center resources!!!
I bought these for a total of $6.  I bought 3 sets of cookies (for 26 letters…with a few leftovers) and 2 sets of ketchup and mustard for numbers to 20 and 1 set of lock and key for later use (add and subtract?!  sight words?! )
$6 and I have 2 new centers ready to go!
And I went old school on these…no clip art…no fancy fonts or creating…just some cute shapes and a marker!  
I labeled the ketchup with numbers.
I labeled the mustard with dots.
Count.  Match. 
And how about a free recording sheet to go with it?!
Next up, letters with cookies and milk!
I labeled cookies with uppercase letters.
I labeled the glasses of milk with lowercase letters.
Say the letter.  Match. 
Color the letter on the recording sheet! 
(upper and lowercase letters included!)
If you have a blog post with ideas for free or cheap centers, be sure to link up!


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