It’s time for Thrifty Thursday!!!   That means a fun, simple, and cheap project for your classroom!!  
This week I even have an assistant!   Thanks to my beautiful niece for helping out!  She’s sassy…like her Uncle Greggy!
So….I love roaming the Dollar Tree and finding things to use in my classroom.  Combine that with Pinterest and it’s a match made in heaven…worthy of glitter throwing!!!
For this project you need:
Stones ($1 a bag at Dollar Tree)
Sharpie Paint Pens (I got mine from Amazon!)
Simply write letters on each stone.  I chose to do mine as CVC words so I wrote each letter of the cvc word.   You can do sight words, letters, or even spelling words!   
Or…wait for it…math!   Numbers for number order…
Equations for adding and subtracting!  
So many possibilities!  HELLO!   You know how I love things that can be used in lots of ways!  (work smarter not harder!!!!)
Then students can build the words!   My niece is building words but you could also have them choose a picture card and say the word and build the word!   
Wait?!  Did he say picture cards?!?!  OH, yes he did!   And know there are some freebies at the end of this post!   Oh yes I did!  SNAP!
Click the picture to get your free CVC word picture cards and a recording sheet!  (Everything needs a recording sheet!)

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