Teachers: The Cool Kids Club

Howdy!   I hope you find this post uplifting and encouraging because that’s what it’s meant to be.  A positive message of friendship, collaboration and support for all teachers!  You see…I’ve had something on my chest for a long time and I’ve kept it in for far too long:


Recently some teacher bloggers that I respect, admire and hope to be when I grow up shared some amazing blog posts about teaching and tribes and blogging and celebriteachers.   Each of these posts made me laugh, tear up a bit and inspired me.     You really need to check out these posts!
My friend Tamara at Mrs. Russell’s Room wrote a powerful article on finding your tribe!
My friend Cierra wrote a powerful post about blogging and teaching!
And my friend Matt at Digital Divide And Conquer wrote a great post about teachers as celebrities as in someone who inspires you or motivates you and encourages you!
And then I went to Las Vegas for the national teaching conferences.  Holy cow was I inspired.  Star struck.  Excited.  I got to meet teachers from all over the world!  Literally…Russia…South Africa…AMAZING!  I got to meet online friends in person and we connected like we had been friends for years.
Like tthis guy:  Chad from Male Kindergarten Teacher.
Seriously…we’ve chatted for months…and we met in Vegas on Sunday and spent the entire week hanging out.  Chad is  part of my tribe and one of my dearest friends.   Instant and life long friends who inspires me, challenges me, encourages me and supports me.  And to think, this friendship happened because of a blog and social media!   (Make sure to follow Male Kindergarten Teacher on social media because he’s incredibly talented and creative!)
That week in Vegas helped me realize something very important:   


 Wanna know why??   It’s not the number of followers…or a blog…or how much you sell on TPT…IT’S BECAUSE WE’RE ALL TEACHERS!!!!!!!!   I’ll say it again:



I can’t think of a cooler group than teachers.  We dedicate our lives to giving our students…who are really our kids…the very best education possible.  Day in and day out.  Despite the negativity hurled at us each day.  In spite of the crushing demands placed on us.  Despite the lack of resources and support from admin and politicians,  We show up.  We give each student everything they need to succeed.  Maybe it’s academics.  Or maybe it’s safety.  Maybe it’s love.  Or maybe it’s food.   Maybe it’s a chance to dance and laugh.    We give them what they need and what they desire.    And we do it with love and happiness and excitement.
Not to mention we give our time…our money…our social lives…our family lives…and we do so willingly.
So, I’ll say again, I cannot think of a more cool group of people.
And really, who could be more cool than us teachers?!
So if you have ever had a day where you felt less than amazing or doubted your teaching or felt like you weren’t good enough,   I’m sorry for that and know that I admire and respect each of you for what you do every single day.

And know that you are  in the cool kids club because Mr. Greg says EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!!!!!

Now, I also have to say this:   I do not think for a second that I am a better teacher than anyone.  Period.    Just writing a blog and having a social media presence or selling stuff on TPT doesn’t make me an expert.
When I present or do inservice, I always start off saying this:  I am as far from an expert as you can be.  I share what I do, what I try and what works and what doesn’t.


 Just Greg…

I am just me.  Doing my thang in my classroom.  I am a teacher just like you.  I have good days and bad days.  Lessons that go great and I have lessons that bomb.    Great behavior and terrible behavior.  Technology works and doesn’t work.  Paperwork and administration issues.  Coworker issues.   The ONLY DIFFERENCE is that I have chosen to share my classroom with the world.  I am blessed to have a platform but that platform doesn’t make me a better teacher than anyone.  It makes me blessed that anyone reads my craziness.

A mission of fun…

When I started this blog four six years ago (HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!)  I had one mission:  to bring the fun and joy back into  kindergarten.  I wanted to share my ideas in the hopes that ONE PERSON would find an idea that they could use.   A placw for people to see that teaching (even with standards and curriculum and politics…and all the “stuff”) can and should be very fun.  I have worked to create a happy, positive, kid centered space (on my blog and on social media).    I vowed from day one to be completely open and honest.  I’ve always shared the good, the bad, the ugly and the personal.  I will continue doing so in the hopes that ONE PERSON will be inspired, will find an idea and something they read will make their job easier.
I am incredibly humbled that each and everyone of you chooses to read my blog, follow me on Instagram, buy my creations and more importantly choose to use them in your classroom.  I’m a classroom teacher so I fully understand the amount of trust it takes to bring other people (through the interwebs..social media…TPT)  into your classroom.    It’s an amazing feeling to know that you trust my teaching ability and find my ideas valuable.

So I close with this:   Each and everyone of you are amazing, special, talented, cool, and you all inspire me.  So, thank you for being amazing teachers and friends.  

We’re all here for one reason:  OUR STUDENTS!   It’s all about them and being the best teacher we can be for them.  

I love you all!!!!!

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