Counting With Ten Frames

Ten frames are one of my favorite math tools.  I love how you can make them so engaging and fun with different themes and manipulatives.  I love how you can do them whole group and one on one and in centers.  I love how you can make giant ten frames and use ten frames and technology!
I also love how ten frames are a great tool for building one to one correspondence at the beginning of kindergarten.
In our classroom, we’ve spent the week working with ten frames to build our numeracy skills!   We’ve made giant ten frames with our bodies.  We made giant ten frames with paper plates.  We made giant ten frames with a coconut tree.  We did ten frames on the SmartBoard and we did ten frames in hippopotamuses/centers!
And the end result?  On our assessment today, 13 out of 17 got 100% correct!!!
I made two giant ten frames for the ‘staches to work with!   One is made with duct tape on the carpet.   Ummm but I ran out of mustache duct tape…which is a crisis of epic proportions.  I can’t even talk about it.  It’s just that painful.
I also made a giant ten frame using laminated construction paper and more duct tape.  Don’t even talk about the mustache tape running out.  I can’t.
We made living ten frames with our bodies!
(Last year’s picture.  Forgot to take some this time.  OOPS!)
They LOVED doing this!!!!
We used paper plates to build numbers on the ten frames!


To do this, I just projected a number on the screen.  The whole class said the number and then a ‘stache used the ten frame to count the correct number of plates.  Then we all counted the plates together!
The next day, we changed it up a bit.  Since we’ve been reading Chicken Chicken Boom Boom (as one of my ‘staches calls Chicka Chicka Boom Boom) I decided to play a little game.  #commoncoreisfun
I made a giant coconut tree and labeled it 1-10.  (Don’t judge my tree.  My 5 year olds thought it was beyond amazing.  And they are the world’s harshest critics!  hehe)
Each ‘stache took a turn.  They tossed a bean bag at the tree.  They said the number the bean bag landed on.  And then they counted using the giant ten frame.
After whole group days,  we went to some individual practice!
I projected numbers on the SmartBoard.  We identified the number.  Then we counted using our ten frame!
I also let them choose their own counters which they thought was so cool!  (And yes they even got a few minutes to play with the counters!)



And finally, we integrated some technology into our ten frames!
I made a flipchart with our ten frame mat.  Each little mustache got to come to the board.  I told them a number and they got to use the MAGIC PEN to make the ten frame!


And since we’re busy learning about our hippopotamus/center/workstation  procedures, we even got to do ten frames during hippo time!
Here are some fun 10 frame freebies for you to check out!  These freebies have work mats, cut and paste pages for assessment and even some ten frame center activities!
And here are some ten frame creations for center time!

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