A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday!

It’s Schedulin Sunday time!!!!!   
My friend Tracy is visiting this weekend and she’s coming to my classroom to observe tomorrow.  She drove all the way from North Carolina to sit on my couch and watch me plan for the week!   Isn’t she lucky?!  No really…she’s an amazing friend and teacher and I’m so thankful for her friendship!!
Now…the goods!
As always, here are my weekly plans!
(There are no plans for Friday because I will be out so I’ll write sub plans!)
This week is farm week!!!  We’re learning all about the farm!
Our books for the week:
We’re also using my newest research creation (which I’m trying to finish….)
It’s also the last 3 days of ABC Bootcamp!!!  I cannot believe we’re finished with bootcamp!!!!   I am super excited to assess the ‘staches Thursday to see their growth in letters and sounds!   We’re also preparing for our ABC Fashion show!   Check out our fashion show from last year!

We’re also kicking off writer’s workshop this week!!!  I am so excited to be starting writing!!!   I love reading my ‘staches writing and love seeing them grow as writers!   I use Writing Through The Year from Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills!   If you’re looking for a writing curriculum, this is it!  I highly recommend these units!
This week in math we’re working on numbers and counting to 20!  
Lots of ten frames….lots of small group work…
We will be using these free counting mats in our small group work!
We will use yellow blocks (hay bales!) and build haystacks for each number!
We’re also working on subitizing so we’ll be using these free farm subitizing cards!
And we’ll be doing some fun art projects to go along with our farm learnin!
We will make Miss Wishy Washy using paper plates!   The ‘staches paint one plate and then we paint the other red to make the hat!   You can click the pictures to see my post about how we did these!
We also write a fun poem about mud and use “mud” (brown paint) to make muddy handprints!
We use our Draw Write Now books to draw farm animals!!   These books are great for listening and following directions!  I highly recommend these!!!!!
I love how unique each animal turns out!!!!!  

Last year we also made these cute windsock cows!
And we had dress like a farmer day!
And finally, we make our own butter!
And freebies!  A poem and emergent reader!

We will be using these resources this week in our classroom:

 I linked up my friend Deedee for her Peek At My Week!   Check out all the great posts for more ideas!

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