A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday…Monday

Happy Labor Day!   I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend!   
It’s Schedulin Sunday…really Monday!   
As always you can download my weekly lesson plans by clicking on the picture!
This is a very short week for us!   We have 3 days with the kids!   So, here’s our very busy 3 days!
ABC BOOTCAMP continues!   This week:  U V and W!

We will be learning all about American symbols to honor America and remember September 11th.
We will be using these books:
For each American symbol we will be creating a tree map and writing a sentence to share something we learned!  This week we’re also learning parts of a book so we will be focusing on the title, front cover, back cover, author and illustrator!  
We’re also making a craft for each American symbol!
Handprint eagles and flags!   Who doesn’t love handprint art!?   Add in some glitter to the white paint for even more patriotic sparkle!  (Thanks for the idea Tracy!)

We are in Music City USA so a little red, white and blue guitar fun is necessary!   This is also fun for Pete The Cat!

Click the guitar to download your freebie!
We’re modifying this fun hat!  Instead of red, white and blue…we’re doing green to make a Statue Of Liberty crown!   We’re also using the 34,890 toilet paper rolls my family collected for me to make a torch for the Statue of Liberty!

For a White House project, we’re doing a directed project.  I will instruct the kids to cut a large white rectangle.  Then a large white triangle.  Then small black squares for the windows.  We will glue these pieces on blue construction paper and add some green bushes in the front and a small American flag on top!
Foodie Fun Friday will be a super fun red, white and blue drink from Heidi St. John.  We will use Hi-C fruit punch, blue Gatorade and Sprite Zero to make a layered red white and blue drink!
In math, we’re introducing the idea of putting together!   We will be doing simple finger counting activities to practice putting together!  We’re also doing a lot of small group work on counting to 20!
And that’s our week!
Here are some fun freebies for ya!

We will be using these resource in our classroom this week:
I’m linking up with my friend DeeDee for her lesson plan linky!  Head over for more ideas for your classroom!

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