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Today I want to share a super easy, low prep, quick number recognition activity that we call the Number Recognition Race!
Who doesn’t love easy, quick and low prep?!
And the best part?!  This has been one of the most effective strategies for number recognition I’ve used since I’ve been teaching.  SO TRUE!   It really does work well and works quickly!

Number Recognition Race Materials

You need:
construction paper, index cards, markers and a timer!
First, make  a variety of number mats.  For the number mats you want mats for 1-10 in order and out of order and you want mats for 11-20 in order and out of order.
To make your number mats, all you do is divide 12×18 construction paper into 10 sections.  (You can also do 8 sections and differentiate the number game!)
On the index cards, write numbers 1-10 or 11-20.
If you’re like me and like cute numbers, here’s a freebie for ya!  3 sets of number cards!

Number Recognition Race:  How It Works

The activity is simple.  Students turn over a card, say the number and place the number on the right square.  BAM!
number recognition
To make it a race, I will time the student the first time.  Then we discuss their time and we talk about whether they can beat their time.  Then they do it again and try to beat their time!   This little competition with themselves is a great motivator for them!
It’s a super simple and very effective strategy!
This video shows two students doing all 3 games!   You see a student working on numbers to 10 and a student working on number recognition for numbers 11-20.
In the video, you see 3 of my ‘staches working on their numbers.  This is their 2nd time doing the activity so they are familiar with the procedures!  (At the end of the video I pan around the room so you can see what the other ‘staches are doing!)
If you’re looking for resources to teach number recognition and counting to 20, check out our NUMBER BOOTCAMP creation!
Number Resources

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