Hello Schedulin Sunday!!!!!   And it’s my BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!
Here are my lesson plans for the week!  As always, you can click the picture to download a copy of my plans!
This week is all about pumpkins!  We’re preparing for our first field trip of the year to the pumpkin farm so we’re going to become pumpkin experts!
We’ll be using these books this week:  
Monday we are also celebrating the end of ABC BOOTCAMP with our ABC Fashion Show!  We’re going to strut our stuff on the red carpet!
Click the pictures to see my post about ABC BOOTCAMP AND last year’s ABC FASHION SHOW!

We will spend our week learning about pumpkins and creating thinking maps.   We will use our thinking maps to record our learning in our pumpkin research journals!
We will learn the life cycle of a pumpkin and make a pumpkin life cycle hat!  (Silly hats are required each week in our classroom!)  

We will get messy and finger paint some pumpkins!  We mix red and yellow paint to make orange and we get paint crazy!!!!!!  
We will estimate and measure how many pumpkins tall we are!   This is always so much!  I also take a picture of each of my ‘staches next to the pumpkins and send it home with them!  This is our first lesson on estimating so we talk about smart guesses and we discuss how big we are and how tall the pumpkins are so we can make our smart guesses.
And no, 100 is not a smart guess.

We make pasta pumpkins.  I dye pasta wheels orange and we glue them on to our pumpkins!   These turn our super cute and they’re super heavy!   TIP:  LOTS OF GLUE!
For Foodie Fun Friday we make mini pumpkin pies!
I got mini pie crusts at Wal-Mart.  We mix vanilla pudding and pumpkin pie filling and fill our pie crusts!  Then we can eat it!  No baking required!
This week in math we’re introducing adding to 5!   We start very very very basic and very visual.  Our focus is on adding means put together.  So we will spend the week putting things together to add!
We will put our bodies together to add!
We put legos together to add!
We put fingers together to add!
Thursday we will work in small groups with our part-part whole plates to practice putting together to add!
And that is our week!   (Wednesday I’m out for a planning day so I’ll have a sub!)
Here are some freebies for ya!

We’ve been working hard on counting on so this will make a great math hippopotamus/center/workstation activity!

Here are the creations we’re using this week:
And of course I am linking up with my friend Deedee at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for Peek At My Week!  Check it out for tons more ideas!

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  • Reply nicolette September 21, 2015 at 2:46 am

    Where do you teach?? Are these lesson plans what you turn in to your principal? And last do you have to follow a specific curriculum or you make your lessons based off your standards?
    I love everything you do. I feel like it's all totally developmentally appropriate for kinder!! I am teaching kinder for first time coming from pre k in texas and thought kinder wasn't going to be much different but it's way different. I hate everything I have to do because alot of it in my opinion is not developmentally appropriate. I imagined it being more like what I see you doing.

    Thank you

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