Halloween Math Center Ideas!

It’s October so that means it’s time to break out the Halloween fun!!!   And since I know so many of us cannot celebrate Halloween in our classrooms, I decided to share a couple of ideas for some Halloween not Halloween center ideas!  See…bones and eyeballs are still creepy fun but not Halloween fun…just bones and eyes!   
These can be done very quickly and very cheaply!   And what teacher doesn’t love cheap and fast?
And they’re glittery.  Who doesn’t love glitter?!
And I made differentiated recording sheets.  
And…well, and they’re fun!   You know…i’m all about bringing fun back into kindergarten!
So…let’s recap.  Cheap.  Easy.  Glitter.  Differentiated.  Fun.  Sounds pretty freakin’ awesome huh?!  
How about glitter bones for counting?!
You need:
black plates ($1 at Wal-Mart)
glitter bones stickers ($5 at Target)

Simply stick the bones on the plate to make quantities 1-20.  
Pretty easy  huh!?
(As the numbers get higher, you gotta get creative to get all the bones on!)
Students can count the bones and color the number for number recognition practice!
Or they can count the bones and make the ten frame!  Great for 1 to 1 correspondence!
Click the pictures to download your free recording sheets!
Differentiation thought!  You could put some bones in a bag using just 2 colors.  Students can add the bones and write an equation.  Or you could use the 2 colors to make 10.  
See…all of those math standards being covered and we’re still having fun!
This next activity was a request from my sweet friend Jonna!
At the Dollar Tree (you know…teacher heaven…) they have packages of googly eyes that are different colors!  So why not sort and graph these fun eye balls?!
You need 3 or 4 bags of eyeballs!  That’s all.  
Students sort the eyeballs and graph how many of each color.  They can also write the number to show how many!
BAM!  Numbers…number writing…data…graphing….so many standards, so much fun!  
I did a set to 10….and a set to 20!   See…differentiation!
And you know what…again…they could be used for adding and making 10.  And making patterns!  
And for making fun monster art projects!   
And for gluing on your forehead!  
click the pictures to get your free recording sheets!
And if you still want more Halloween fun, check out these other freebies!  Just click the pictures to get your freebies!  

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