Knock Knock Morning Meeting – SmorgieVision

It’s time for a new SmorgieVision classroom video featuring the ‘staches!   
This video shows a morning meeting in our classroom featuring a new greeting!   
Knock Knock is our greeting and it goes like this:
Student:  “Knock, knock”
Class: ” Who’s there?”
Student:   (Says their name)
Class:  “name who?”
Student:  “(says their name (first and last or just first again)”
Class:  “Good morning,  name!”
In our video you’ll hear some of us with our first names only and some of us use both names!   It was their choice.
The day before we recorded the video, some of us were being silly and made up last names!   So we had Genesis Cookie and Luis Candy!   Super fun and super OK with me!   Ain’t nothing wrong with some spontaneous creativity and giggles! 
You’ll also hear us sharing in this video and you’ll hear the ‘staches asking questions.  This is our first week of questioning during sharing time so I’m super excited about how well they do!  
And mark your calendars for the next Submissions For Smorgie LIVE!

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