Schedulin Sunday: MLK Day

Happy Schedulin Sunday!   This week is going to be an abbreviated Schedulin Sunday post…for 2 reasons.
1.  I am writing this at the airport!  I am on my way to Devine, TX for some Smorgie PD!
2.  I had the stomach virus.  Again.  On a 3 day weekend.  So I was out of commission for two days.   Ya know, I wanna lose some weight and get a 6 pack but not like this….for real.  
But, I wanted to share some ideas for MLK and comparing numbers as well as some freebies with all of my amazing friends!   (And no lesson plans to share this week ….oops!)
We always start MLK week with the egg activity.   This is such a powerful visual for our students to understand that we might look different on the outside, but on the inside we’re all the same.
And after we have our discussions about being the same on the inside, we make scrambled eggs!  
We spend the week learning all about Martin Luther King, Jr.   We listen to his I Have A Dream Speech.  We learn about his life and how we wanted to change the world with his words and not his fists.  We write about his dram and our dreams.
In math, we’re working on comparing numbers!   We’ve been doing this daily during our calendar routine, so this is not a new concept.  What is new for my class is using the symbols!
We always start by using our selves to compare numbers.  One ‘stache gets to be the alligator.  We form groups of our friends and the alligator eats the biggest group!
Next, we compare real objects!
Then we move onto comparing digits.  We use our SmartBoard and we get to be the greater than less than symbol!
Then we move onto some higher order thinking skills with a true/false sort!
We discuss if each statement is true or false and THE BECAUSE and then we sort.  After we do a whole group sort, the staches do one on their own!
We also do some indpendent work and small group work with comparing numbers!
Click for your freebie!
Here are some MLK freebies for ya!
We will be using these resources this week!

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