SmorgieVision: How To Make A Peanut Butter Sandwich

This week we’re kicking off our how to writing unit!!!   
I love this unit because the ‘staches are so creative and funny when they’re teaching us how to do things!
I always kick off our how to writing with a lesson on how to make a peanut butter sandwich.
I tell the ‘staches that peanut butter is my favorite and that I don’t know how to make a peanut butter sandwich and I need them to teach me.
As they give me directions and I write down their directions exactly as they say them.
 I follow their directions and make a peanut butter sandwich.

After I finish, we discuss how it went.
We go back and re-write the directions including the details that we missed.
And I make the sandwich again and it turns out better!

And yes, we get to eat a peanut butter sandwich when we finish!

Check out the video to see how much fun we had with this writing lesson!

We will be using Writing Through The Year from Deanna Jump And Deedee Wills as we work on our how to writing!

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