Schedulin Sunday: Artic Animals

It’s Schedulin Sunday here at the Kindergarten Smorgasboard world headquarters!
It’s my weekly planning and prepping binge day!   Netflix binging?  UH no…it’s lesson planning binge time!
See,  I do all of my plans and prep on Sunday so I don’t have to stay late or do much (if any) prep stuff during the week!     Makes life a little easier around here and I’m not stressed out!
So onto the binging!
As always, you can download a copy of my common core lesson plans by clicking the picture below!
This week we’re learning all about arctic animals!
Each day we will read about an arctic animal.
We will complete a tree map for that animal.
we will record our learning in our research journal.
We will make a craft for that animal.
This is an example of our penguin tree map from last year!   (Click the picture to learn more about penguins in our classroom!)
Thank you to I Heart Crafty Things for the ideas for our arctic animal art projects!
This week we’re kicking off how to writing using Unit 3 of Writing Through The Year from Deedee Wills and Deanna Jump!
I kick off our how to writing with a fun hands on lesson using peanut butter!
I have the ‘staches give me directions to make a peanut butter sandwich.
I write down exactly what they say, in the order they say it.
THEN I make a peanut butter sandwich and follow the directions they give EXACTLY!
(TIP:  You’re gonna get messy!  REAL MESSY!)
Then we talk about how important it is to give every direction when teaching your friends something!
Then we go back and re-write our directions and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and eat them!
(If you have allergy concerns, use jelly!)
In math, we’re working on subtraction.
We’ll do some whole group practice with white boards.
We’ll do some small group practice with mooses and monsters!
We will feed the monster!   I write subtraction equations on the board and the students use manipulatives and their monsters to solve the problem!
Click the picture for your free monster workmat!
We will do the same thing with moose!
We read the book Moose’s Loose Tooth and then each ‘stache gets a moose mouth (or a mouth!)
Then we will use Chiclets gum (or white paper rectangles…) and solve subtraction problems by taking away moose’s teeth!
(Stay tuned for a video!)
For Mad Science,  we will get to see how blubber works!
We’ll dip our hands into ice water and share are reactions.
Then we will slide on rubber gloves and crisco and dip our hands in the ice water again to see the difference!
For Foodie Fun Friday, we’re making polar bear ice cream cups!
And of course, there MIGHT be a new costume make an appearance…
And of course, freebies for ya!

Here are the resources we’re using this week:
ZERO PREP!  What Does The Fox Say CVC Practice Pages!Penguins!  Penguin Picnic!  A Penguin Research Project PLUZERO PREP!  What Does The Fox Say CVC-E Practice Pages!What Does The Fox Say?  A CVC-E Word Creation!What Does The Fox Say?  A CVC Word Creation!Sight Words!  Where's My Snow Hat?  Sight Word Recognition Game!Blizzard!  A Winter And Snow Math And Literacy BLACKLINE/IMartin Luther King Research Project! A  Research And WritiKindergarten Morning Messages BUNDLE!  A Morning Message CStachin' Through The Snow!  A Common Core Winter Center Pack!QR CODES for Math and Literacy! WOOF!  WOOF QR Code Mega Pack!Sight Word QR Codes!  Superhero Sight Words!  FRY LIST 100!Walk The Plank!  A Common Core Subtraction Creation!Hot Chocolate Counting:  A Common Core Math CreationSee Count Graph: January Edition! A Common Core Math & Gra

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