The Carrot Shake Sight Word Game!

If you have been following my blog or social media for a while, you know that I am only slightly obsessed with plastic Easter eggs.  Slightly.  I mean, when you go Target and they’re on clearance for 10 cents, it’s totally justifiable to buy all of them.  BUY ALL THE EGGS!!!!!   I mean… 10 cents…and what if they stop making them, then what?!  It would be the plastic Easter egg apocalypse and I’d have containers full of the.  It’s called preparedness.
So, I love these carrots from the Dollar Tree!   They’re big, they’re adorbs and they’re flat on the bottom so they stand up.  And they make perfect components for fun hippopotamuses/centers/workstations!  (And they’re great for spring too….not just Easter!)
So recently, my friend LaShay Cole posted an adorable ABC activity she made using the carrots, beans and letter beads.  So I asked her if I could use her idea to make a sight word game.  She was kind enough to say yes!
So here’s what I did!
I bought black beans, letter tiles and plastic carrots.
Fill the carrots 2/3 full with beans.
Decide which sight words you want your students to practice.  Place the letter tiles into the carrots to spell the sight word.
TIP:  Seal the carrots with some clear Scotch tape so they don’t pop open.
Give the students magnetic letters, the carrots and the recording sheet.
They shake the carrots. When they see letter beads, they find those magnetic letters and use the magnetic letters to build the sight word.  (This is a little more difficult so it’s great practice for students who have mastered sight words and need a challenge!)
Click the picture to get your recording sheet!
More Carrot Resources:
You can also check out this post for another way to use these carrots for a different sight word game!
Graphics:  Graphics From The Pond

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