Music In The Classroom: Classroom Theme Song Ideas

We love music in the classroom.  In fact, we love it so much it plays almost all day long.  From our energetic and loud morning arrival playlist and our rockin’ dance party at the end of the day, music is a major part of our classroom.  We even have a classroom theme song that helps build community in the classroom!

Music In The Classroom

Music sets a positive mood in your classroom.  My kids spend the morning eating, working and singing, and dancing because we have our music playing.  That sets the tone for the day.  It says that we’re happy and excited to be at school!   Happy and excited!   That’s what I want my kids to feel when they walk into our classroom every day!
Music helps improve focus and attention.
Music enhances student interactions.
And…having a class theme song helps develop a strong sense of community.  And isn’t that the goal?  For our students bond and form a strong, happy, loving, caring family?
All of those benefits just from music!

Music In The Classroom: Classroom Theme Song

I compiled those songs into a list!  Hopefully, you’ll find a great theme song for your class or at least some new songs to add to your playlists!

Here are 45 ideas for class theme songs!  

music in the classroom
benefits of music in the classroom
using music in the classroom
music in the classroom ideas


(Note:  I have not listened to every word of every song!   Just saying….)

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