CVC-E Words On The Lightbox!

In our classroom we LOVE our lightbox!    The ‘staches love how it glows and they love using it for math and literacy fun.  I mean, it glows and the manipulatives glow.  Who doesn’t love glowing things?!?  Why not use that fun and excitement to practice cvc-e words on the light box?
I am always adding new skills and activities to our lightbox.  And I’m always looking for ways to use my insanely large collection of plastic cups from The Dollar Tree.  You know the ones…they look like they should be used for adult beverages but we all know they were really designed for classroom use.  Those non teacher people just corrupt our innocent materials….
So why not use those cups to practice building and writing CVC-E words?!
You’ll need some plastic cups from the Dollar Tree, CVC-E word labels, letter stickers or a Sharpie or a Cameo Machine and some clear mailing labels.
For the labels, I use Avery Clear Mailing Labels #15660.
Print the labels.
Attach the labels to your cups.
Then write 1 letter per cup to spell each word.  You can use letter stickers, Sharpies, you can print on the clear labels or you can use a Cameo machine to cut the letters from vinyl.  I used my Silhouette Cameo machine for my letters…but all of the other methods work just as great (I’ve used all of the methods to make lightbox activities!).
BAM!  Glowing CVC-E Words!
cvc-e words
vowels word work ideas
After my ‘staches build the words, they’ll write the words on their recording sheet!

Click the images to get the recording sheet and picture labels for cvc-e words!

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