Count to 100: Light Table Counting

Student needs hands-on practice to count to 100. Students also need sensory learning experiences with math skills. Our light table counting to 100 activity gives students hands-on practice with numbers to 100.

Count to 100: Light Table Counting

You will need:

count to 100

reusable ice cubes (Walmart or Amazon)

tracing paper (Amazon)


I cut out the numbers to 100 using my Silhouette Cameo and vinyl.  I attached the numbers to the cubes.  You can also (and easily) write on the cubes with a Sharpie! Honestly, if I were to redo this count to 100 activity, I would just write with Sharpies and not use my Cameo.

These light table counting cubes can be used in a couple of ways.

Count to 100 On The Light Table

First, you can just have your students put them in order to 100 on the light table!

Next, I took some tracing paper and wrote numbers up to 100 on it. I placed the paper on the light table.

number recognition counting to 100

Students can choose a cube, say the number and place it on the number!   Great for number recognition!

For more number recognition and counting activities, grab our Number Bootcamp resource!

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