Phonics Activities: CVC-E Words On The Lightbox!

In our classroom, we LOVE our lightbox, and we love phonics activities. We also know that phonics activities should be fun and hands-on so this CVC-E words on the lightbox activity is a great addition to any classroom!

phonics activities for vowels

Phonics Activities: CVC_E Words Building

You’ll need some plastic cups from Dollar Tree, CVC-E word labels, a Sharpie or a Cameo Machine, and some clear mailing labels.

First, I printed CVC_E pictures on clear mailing labels and stuck those to the cups.

Then, write 1 letter per cup to spell each word. You can use letter stickers and Sharpies, you can print on the clear labels, or you can use a Cameo machine to cut the letters from vinyl. I used my Cameo machine for my letters…but all of the other methods work just as great. You can write the letters on the cups with a Sharpie or print the letters on clear mailing labels. If I were doing this again, I would just print the letters on clear mailing labels.

Students choose a cup and the say the word. Then they segment the sounds, spell the word, and write the word in this science of reading-aligned activity!

Click the image to get your FREE image labels!

For more CVC_E phonics activities, grab our CVC_E Word Work Centers!

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