Schedulin Sunday: Zoo Animals And Numbers To 100

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday!   This week we’re continuing our zoo animal research project AND we’re going to the zoo!   See how that worked out?!  A zoo trip in the middle of the zoo animal research….And we’re taking a break from subtraction to work on numbers to 100!   
As always, you can download my lesson plans by clicking on the picture!
This week we will be researching and writing about peacocks, flamingos, giraffes and hippopotamuses!
For each animal, we read an informational book and complete a tree map!
Then we label the animal and do an art project for each animal!
In math, we’re going to work on recognizing numbers to 100.  All of my students can count to 100 and write to 100 so now I want to make sure we can recognize and name the numbers!
These activities are very simple, but very effective.  And with some smelly markers, EVEN BETTER!
Simply project random numbers on the Smart Board or screen, students say the number and find the number on their hundreds chart and color!
The next day, we use chalk and chalkboards to write the numbers.  I say a random number and the ‘staches write the number!  
PS Chalk and chalkboards are great for handwriting because the friction builds muscle memory!  BAM!
Then we work together as a team to build our giant 100 chart!  After we build the chart, we write to 100!
Click the picture to get your FREE 120 chart!
We also do a fun game where the ‘staches have to predict how many rolls of a dice it will take them to get to 100!  Every time they roll, they make a tally mark.  When they finish, they count to determine if their estimation was correct!   Estimating…counting…tally marks…all those standards in a fun game!  BAM!
Click the picture to get your free game!
We’re also starting our timed tests to build fluency.  This week we start with 50 problems in 5 minutes for addition!  
In writing, we’re going to be working on adjectives.  We learn that adjectives make our writing sparkle!  (Sparkle because everything’s better with sparkle and glitter!)
First, we describe Mr. Greg.

Then we use those adjectives to write about Mr. Greg.
The next day, we get to figure out which adjectives describe our friends!
Favorite. Lesson. Ever.  EVER!  To see a detailed post on this lesson and read more about why it’s my favorite, click the picture!  Seriously….best lesson ever.
I write an adjective for each of my ‘staches, place those in glittery eggs (adjectives make us sparkle!).  We choose eggs and read the word and then we figure out who the adjective is describing!
Finally, we compile a list of adjectives to use in our writing!
Click the picture to get your free glitter letters!
And a freebie for ya:
This week we will be using these resources:


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