Differentiating Instruction With Dollar Tree Cut Out!

Recently I’ve seen some posts on social media about how some classrooms have so many amazing resources and some scrape by with nothing.   People, I GET THAT!   I have worked in schools where we didn’t have copy paper most days (and let’s be honest…sometimes no electricity) and I am fortunate to be in a place now where I have some great stuff for my classroom.     I wish I could wave my magic wand (you know I have one…don’t be surprised) and make all classrooms equal and rich with everything you could want as a teacher.
And before I get to the goods…remember that centers and activities don’t have to involve cute clipart and lots of printing and laminating and work.  People,  I am so guilty of that!   Trust me.  I’m all about creating things and printing them and laminating them.  THAT’S GREAT!  Those centers and activities are amazing and I plan to make more and more and more…BUT I also like the things that are different and simple and made without a computer or printer….
So, today’s post is a way to address these two concerns…
You’ll need less than $5.  A Dollar Tree or die cut machine.  And a marker.
Oh…and some recording sheet freebies…from me!
You need two different die cut shapes.
You know I’m obsessed with the Dollar Tree.  I mean…$1.  And one thing I love is there random and always eclectic selection of die cuts and shape cutouts!
No Dollar Tree?  Use the school die cut machine.  No die cut machine?  Trace some shapes on paper and cut them out!
So this morning I sat down to make a simple ten frame activity using some shapes from the DT and it hit me…with 2 different shapes and a marker, I can differentiate my instruction so easily and with very few resources.
So here’s what I did…
I used my Silhouette Mint stamp maker to make a ten frame stamp.  BUT this isn’t necessary at all.  You can draw ten frames.  Easy peasy.  Or you can make ten frame labels using label stickers.  Got a Sharpie?  Draw your ten frame and work those teacher art skills!
Then I used my Sharpie to make my ten frames.  Yes, I make mine up and down because it helps my ‘staches with even and odd!
And then I used my marker to write numbers on my rockets.
So, $2.  I bought 2 things of shapes.  They’re $1 for 36.
And here’s how I use them to differentiate math instruction…
Number recognition.  Choose a rocket, say the number, find the number and color.
Number order.  Put the rockets in number order!
Count and color!  Count the ten frame and color the number!
Ten frames!   Count the ten frame, match the number.  Make the ten frame!
Even and odd!  I wrote EVEN and ODD on the stars.  Decide if the number is even or odd and sort.
Adding And Subtracting Rockets!  I wrote +  –  = on the stars.  Use the rockets to build and solve equations!
So with just 2 packs of cut outs I was able to create 6 math activities that help me differentiate my math instruction!   And guess what?  This could be done with literacy skills too!
And as promised, here’s a freebie for ya!

Click the picture to download all of the recording sheets!

And check out these posts for other ideas on using Dollar Tree cutouts!

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