Anchor Chart Storage

In our classroom we create many anchor charts and graphic organizers.  We make anchor charts for our TKS BOOTCAMP Curriuclum, for our research projects and our Read It Up comprehension resources.  Anchor charts and graphic organizers are a vital part of my student’s leanring.  And since we don’t want to throw away these tools,  we need some anchor chart storage.  That’s where PVC pipe comes in.
anchor chart storage
Here’s a confession:  Mr. Greg is not good with tools.  True story.  My dad can build and fix anything.  Me…I’m lucky I don’t lose fingers when I use a knife.  BUT I have discovered my love of a hacksaw and PVC pipe.  And so far…I still have all 10 fingers.  

Anchor Chart Storage:  When In Use

When we are using the charts or when they’re part of our current theme or unit, they go on our chart rope in the classroom!
Click the picture to learn more about our chart rope!
But when we finish with the unit or theme, what do we do with them?!  This is a question we get asked often.  Do you throw the charts away?  Where do they go?  Well, here is the answer.

Anchor Chart Storage

Since I’m an expert on PVC Pipe…I was all over the idea of PVC pipe to make a chart stand for our anchor chart storage!  This idea is based on a laundry rack but with PVC pipe.
You’ll need:
3/4″ inch pvc pipe (5 foot sections are $3 at Lowe’s)
2 elbow connectors
4 tee connectors
pants hangers ($2 per pack at Wal-Mart)
anchor chart storage

I cut my PVC pipe into 42″ pieces so it was tall enough for chart paper but still short enough for my ‘staches to use and manipulate easily! (UPDATE:  42″ is too long.  I trimmed it down to 21″ and it works so much better!)
Connect the top piece to the sides with elbow connectors.  Then bang them on the floor to get them in good and tight!
Next, connect the bottom piece to the sides using 2 tee connectors.  
Then cut 2 6 inch pieces for the legs.
Connect those 6 inch pieces to the tee connector and attach the remaining 2 tee connectors on the bottom.
Next, cut 4 more 6 inch pieces for the feet.  Attach those to the tee connectors.
BAM!  You now have a way to organize your all of your class charts!  In a kid friendly and budget friendly way! 
Use pants hangers to attach your charts to the stand!  

Anchor Chart Storage In The Classroom

anchor chart storage
All of the anchor charts and graphic organizers that we create go on our anchor chart storage stand.  This stand is in the back of the room and the kids can go to it and access the charts anytime they want!  And they do use it!  My thoughts are that if we create these and they’re learning tools, why throw them out?  This anchor chart storage idea means we can keep the charts for the entire year and the kids can actually use them!

We also have a blog post dedicated to anchor charts that explains the how and why of our anchor charts and graphic organizers!


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