DIY Magnetic Letter Storage!

So if you’re like me you have about 3.4 million (or billion) magnetic letters.  And if you’re like me (which you’re probably not…because you’re probably more organized than me…) you have several tubs of letters.  And if you’re like me, you have GOLD letters!
Wait?!  What?!  You don’t have gold magnetic letters?!
Fix that RIGHT NOW!
click the picture to see my post on making gold letters!
And when the kids use them they have to dig and dig and dig for letters.  And inevitably you hear:  “We don’t have that letter…”  but you know we do because we have 3.4 billion letters…
So why not do something to tame the letter beast?!
So, for about $10 I tamed the letter beast!
You need:
Magnetic letters
plastic cups ($1 at the Dollar Tree)
Over the door shoe organizer ($6 at WalMart)
Letter stickers
Simply label cups with letter stickers so you have 1 cup per letter.  However, the shoe organizer only has 24 spaces so I combined w and x into a cup.  Then I combined y and z into a cup!
Next, add your magnets!
What I like about using the cups is that it’s not as deep  so it’s easier for little hands to reach the letters!   And with a little stool from Five Below those little hands can reach the cups and slide them out of the pockets to get the letters and slide them back in!
Bonus:  we’re always working on letter identification!So how will I use this?   I will keep tubs of magnetic letters in our community supply area for everyday use.

Click the picture to read more about our community supplies!

I will use the magnetic letter storage for keeping back up letters and for my use.  And for the times when someone says they can’t find a letter.  I can direct them to the letter storage area!

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