Anchor Charts! Ideas, Tips And Tricks!

I admit it.  Until recently I didn’t use anchor charts.  True story.  You see, I didn’t believe I was talented enough to to create anchor charts and I didn’t fully understand their value.  Fast forward a couple of years and I now firmly believe anchor charts should be in every classroom!

So, Mr. Greg, what are the benefits of anchor charts:

  1.  Student involvement!  We create anchor charts in class TOGETHER!   It’s a team project and gets students involved which means engagement is increased and learning is happening!
  2. Review concepts!  Anchor charts provide visual review of concepts and if your anchor charts are displayed in the classroom, it provides a source of ongoing review!
  3. Create print rich environment!   Anchor charts provide sources of kid friendly print which is vital for students learning to read and write!

OK, Mr. Greg, we’r sold!  What are some of your favorite anchor charts?

Name Writing Anchor Chart

This is our first anchor chart of the school year.  Have students write their name on the anchor chart to set a baseline for name writing!  And then we do it again in December and in May to show our progress!  Laminate this chart so it will last all year!

name writing anchor chart


These circle maps are how we introduce letters and sounds during our 26 day ABC BOOTCAMP!  For more information, check out our ABC BOOTCAMP page!

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready For Kindergarten

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready For Kindergarten

School Supply Anchor Charts

These anchor charts are part of my Back To School Research Project.  We make a tree map for each school supply as a way to learn how to use our classroom supplies.

Number Bootcamp Circle Maps

These circle maps are made during our NUMBER BOOTCAMP.  This is how we introduce numbers to 20 in the first 20 days of school!   For more on Number Bootcamp click the image!

What Is A Label?

We use this anchor chart to introduce labels.  Then we do a writing activity where the students draw Mr. Greg and label Mr. Greg!  For more on this activity, check out this post!

Characters Anchor Chart

What Can We Write About?

This is a very important anchor chart because one of the biggest issues for our kids when it comes to writing is what to write about.  This chart helps them know that they can write about ANYTHING!


Read the book Run, Turkey, Run!  Discuss verbs and have students brainstorm as many verbs as they can think of!

OO Words

This is a fun chart to make while working on OO words!   I write oo words on plastic spoons using a Sharpie.  The kids take turns choosing and spoon and reading the word.  Then we hot glue the spoon onto the chart.  (Hot glue means the teacher does the gluing….)  For more ideas on teaching OO words, check out this post!

EE Words

Read the book Sheep In  A Jeep.  Students choose a sheep and read the EE word.  Then we glue it on the Jeep! For more ideas on teaching EE words and to see how we bring Sheep In A Jeep to life, check out this post!

AR Words

Shark Words are engaging and fun and help us learn our AR words!   Students choose a shark tooth, read the AR word and glue the tooth in the shark’s mouth!

anchor charts

Addition And Subtraction Bootcamp Circle Maps

These addition and subtraction circle maps are a little more challenging.  Students have to find the equations that equal the number on the circle map!

Vowels Circle Maps

Shapes Anchor Chart

We make these shape anchor charts for 2D and 3D shapes!   We make Shape People and use our shape people or shape monsters to help us create the anchor chart!  Check out Shapes Bootcamp for more shapes activities!

QU Words

The wedding of Q and U is a highlight of the kindergarten experience.  What 5 year old doesn’t like good wedding sealed with a hug?!  As part of our Q and U wedding, we come up with qu words and create this anchor chart!  For more on our QU wedding, check out this post!

qu words anchor chart

OK, Mr. Greg, now we have ideas for anchor charts, do you have any tips for creating anchor charts?!  Ya’ll, do I have tips?  You know I have some tips…

Circle Maker!  Ya’ll need a circle maker.  Trust me.  I’m not one to get hung on things being perfect…but we do so many circle maps…so many circle maps…and I was embarrassed by our lopsided circle maps.  A friend gave me this idea:  use a paint stir stick to make a circle maker.  Check out this post for directions to make your circle maker!

Prep ahead of time!   I prep all of my anchor charts or class charts on Sunday.  Do I make the charts?  NO.  I prep them.  I get the skeleton ready but I don’t fill in the information.  That’s where the kids get involved.  Prepping them on Sunday means I’m not stressed and rushing around all week making anchor charts!   TIP:  Make the charts and put them in the car.  All that prep work doesn’t do any good if you leave them at home!  True story.

And of course use smelly markers!  All. the. smelly.  markers.

And finally, Mr. Greg, how do you store and display your anchor charts?

I have a few different ideas for organizing and display anchor charts!

First, we have this area above our cubbies where we keep current anchor charts!  This is made with some bulletin board border and clothespins!

Second, anchor charts on a rope!   We have a rope stretched across the room and we hang our anchor charts on that rope!  Click on the image to get all of the details on our anchor chart rope!

Third, once we take the charts down from the rope and the wall, we keep them for the kids to use.  And they will use them.  My students love looking at all of our charts!  So we made this PVC anchor chart stand where we hang all of our charts!  Click the image to get all of the directions to make your own chart stand!

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