13 Songs For Teaching Academic Skills

Music is an essential and almost constant part of our classroom.  From our morning arrival until our afternoon dismissal, we’re bumping and thumping.   Music is powerful for the brain so why not make your classroom a dance club all day long?!   Yes, we have a disco ball and party lights!  Yes we have a sub woofer so we truly are bumping and thumping in our classroom.   Music is fun but it is also a powerful learning tool!   So today I’m going to share my favorite songs for teaching and reinforcing academic skills!
I’m including links to the songs on YouTube also!
Alphardy by Dr. Jean is great for teaching letters and sounds.   We learn the letters, sounds and we add in a movement for each sound so we get the kinesthetic learning also!   I also created an ABC Chart with the same images as the Dr. Jean song so we have a consistency through our day!
Click the image below for your FREE alphabet chart!
Another great alphabet song is Alien Alphabet from Itelli-Tunes!
Count to 20 by Harry Kindergarten is great for numbers and counting to 20!
Numbers In The Teens by Harry Kindergarten is a great song and visual for teen numbers!
Jack Hartmann Count By 5 is great for skip counting!  It has lots of fun dancing and gets the gets moving and counting and engaged!
Counting by 2s from Jack Hartmann is another great skip counting song!
This one is great for counting, number recognition and exercise!
Another great song for number recognition and counting by 1s is Counting Superhero by Harry Kindergarten!
Sight Word songs from Harry Kindergarten are great for reading and spelling sight words!
Add Like A Pirate by Harry Kindergarten is perfect for addition!
Subtract Like A Pirate is great for subtraction!
And finally, we always start our day with A Beautiful Day from Jack Hartmann!  It’s a fun song with a great message!
Make sure to visit my YouTube channel and watch our Morning Meeting videos to see many of these songs in action!

For more ideas for teaching the alphabet check out this post:


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