On the very first day of school I have all of my students write their name on our name chart!
Why?   It gives me an immediate idea of their handwriting, pencil grip, letter knowledge and if they can write their name!
I model the process by writing my name and we cheer each and every person who writes their name.  We make a big deal about each person and their efforts!
After we make our name chart, the students do some independent practice with their names.  Again, we celebrate every person’s efforts and their name writing skills!
And then we move onto differentiated name writing practice.  I use a smelly marker (they make everything better!) and write student names for them to trace.  Depending on where the student is with their name writing, they might be only tracing or they might be trace and write!
As the students progress with their name, they get more lines to write and less names to trace.  Once they master their name, they earn their morning journals!
For more information on our morning journals (morning work), click the image!

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