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Week 33 kindergarten lesson plans are all about measurement activities, vowels with Vowel Bootcamp, wrapping up continents, Earth Day, and space! It’s also state testing, which means there are altered schedules! And Backwards Bootcamp!


You can get our lesson plan templates here:

weekly lesson plans and templates

Kindergarten Lesson Plans: TKS BOOTCAMP

We follow a required foundational skills curriculum and supplement it with our TKS BOOTCAMP resource, especially for extra practice and small group work! We are moving onto CVC-E words with our Vowel Bootcamp! Our TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum works with ALL curriculums or as a stand-alone resource! This week we are focusing on blending and decoding words, writing words, reading decodables, and lots of word chaining!

We do circle charts to segment, spell, and read words.

kindergarten phonics worksheets

The students also do writing and word matching!

kindergarten measurement activities
kindergarten lesson plans decodable readers

Kindergarten Lesson Plans: Phonics: Word Mapping

We will also use our Word Mapping mats during this time to work on our segmenting, spelling, and reading words! These have been a true game changer for my kids, especially those struggling with segmenting sounds and spelling words!

weekly lesson plans for phonics
science of reading lesson plans

We’re also using our Digital Word Building Resource to do word chaining to work on blending CVC words!

word chaining resources
word chaining lesson plans

We also used our glitter letters clipart to make glitter letter cards, and we’ve been using these cards in whole groups and small groups. The kids LOVE them! (This is CLIPART. You must insert the letter clipart into a document to make letter cards!)

phonics lessons

This week we will also be labeling our teacher with sticky notes. On the sticky notes I write CVC-E words. Students will decode the words and write the words. Then they get to stick the words on Mr. Greg!

Sight Word 60

weekly lesson plans for sight words

We have introduced all 50 words that appear on our upcoming benchmark assessment so this week I will asses students using ESGI and we will use that data to practice word we’re still struggling to master!

science of reading sight words instruction
teaching sight words

Reading: The Continents

Our district has a required curriculum, and we are now learning about the continents. I was very nervous about this but the kids really got into learning about the continents. They’ve been excited to learn about different places! We have now visited all seven continents and the kids have learned a lot! This week we will label the continents and choose 1 continent to write about!

geography lessons for kids
kindergarten lesson plans 7 contients

Students will choose 1 continent they want to write about. They will use the evidence organizers we created to do their writing.

kindergarten lesson plans social studies

Math: Kindergarten Lesson Plans Measurement Activities

Our district has adopted a new math curriculum (AGAIN!), so we’re trying to figure it out because it’s a lot, and it’s not aligned with our state standards, so there’s that. We’re using the curriculum and supplementing it with our MATH IT UP! and TKS BOOTCAMP curriculums.

This week, we’re continuing measurement! We’re using our Math It Up! Measurement resource for our kindergarten measurement activities! We will be doing how heavy things are, measuring how big our foot is and doing some sorting.

kindergarten measurement activities

We measure how much the objects weigh using cubes!

kindergarten measurement activities weight

Students will trace their foot and measure how big their foot is using different objects.

math lesson plans for kindergarten

Students will also complete two different sorts: short/long, and heavy/light.

Space Research Project

Now that we’ve become astronauts, we can begin exploring the planets. Each day, we visit a planet, view actual NASA photos of the planet, read about the planet, and create our facts chart. This week we visit Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

We will wrap up our space research project with our planets art project!

kindergarten lesson plans science and space

We will also make our handprint aliens!

And we’re doing bubble wrap moon painting. We will draw a circle on black construction paper. Students will use a small piece of bubble wrap to paint the moon!

Kindergarten Lesson Plans: Earth Day

This week we will also celebrate Earth Day! We’re using our Earth Day Research Project! We will do a nature walk, recycling sort, and make a hat!

kindergarten lesson plans earth day

Mad Science Thursday: Alka Seltzer Rockets

Since we’re exploring space, we’re going to build rockets! We use plastic film canisters and Alka Seltzer to make our rockets!

Alien Greeting: Morning Meeting

This week, our greeting is an alien greeting! We make an alien bucket. I print off pictures of the kids and put them in the bucket. Students choose a picture and greet their friends.

kindergarten lesson plans morning meeting

For our activity, we’re going to play I Have Who Has! We’re introducing the game this week so we will be playing I Have Who Has Numbers!

i have who has games for kids
morning meeting resources

Backwards Bootcamp

Backwards Bootcamp continues this week with:

w-wacky day

V-violet-wear purple


T-favorite t-shirt

S-wear sunglasses



Click below for the resources we are using in our classroom this week.

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