Space Lesson Plans: Space Research Project


Let’s learn about space with our space lesson plans and our Space Research Project!  A cornerstone of our classroom curriculum in our research projects   These science of reading-aligned research projects are created to make research and writing accessible and fun for our early childhood students.  Let’s face it, research can be a daunting task for our kids because so many of them are just learning to read!   So, our research projects are designed to be done with read-alouds videos and graphic organizers to give students support for their writing.  Did I mention they’re fun?!   They are great for informational text, vocabulary, building background knowledge, higher-order thinking, and meeting social studies and science content!   

If you need a classroom-proven resource to learn about solar eclipses, grab this ELIPSE! research project. I created it and used it with my class in 2017, and it was a huge success! This resource is packed with solar eclipse lesson plans including research, writing, art, and snack ideas!

solar eclipse lesson plans

Everything you need to conduct a space research project/space unit is included in our Mission Space creation!

Space Lessons: Space Read Alouds


Space Lesson Plans:  Schema Map

A schema map is very similar to a KWL chart.  Schema is what we already know or think we know.  We do our schema map before we do anything else so we get an accurate set of schema.  This also activates our background knowledge and gets us excited about our research!   As we go through the research project or space unit, we add new learning.  Finally, we go back to our schema and address our misconceptions.  Misconceptions might be wrong or partially right.  Misconceptions are an opportunity to correct or adjust our thinking!

space lesson plans schema map

Space Lesson Plans: Day And Night

First, we learn about the sun and Earth and how day and night happen.  We talked about things we did during the day and night and made a class chart.

After we make our chart, we make a picture of what we see in the day and night sky!

day and night sky

Another way to do this day-and-night art project is with cookie cutters.  We use moon and stars cookie cutters from Amazon!

Star, moon, sun and clouds cookie cutters

space art projects for kids

Space Unit: Astronauts

After we learn about day and night, we learn about astronauts.  You see, as awesome as we are because you have to be awesome to be in our class, you can’t explore the solar system if you aren’t an astronaut!

We read a book about astronauts and make a graphic organizer about being an astronaut. Finally, we complete our astronaut application and submit it to Mr. Greg to see if we’re approved (spoiler alert: everyone gets approved!).

learning about space

After we learn about astronauts, we label an astronaut while learning vocabulary!

Space Lesson Plans: The Planets

Now that we’re all astronauts, we explore the solar system one planet at a time. Each day, we “fly” to the planet!  We read about the planet, watch a video, and complete our graphic organizer.  Students then use that information to fill out their planet fact sheet.  They also draw a picture of the planet.  For this part, I use a NASA photograph of each planet so the students can see what the planet looks like!

Space Heroes: Learning About Real Astronauts

After we’ve learned about space and explored the solar system, our space lesson plans have us learning about real-life astronauts. The idea behind this is to make our learning inclusive and to apply what we’ve learned. We read about different astronauts and discuss their contributions to the world. Students then complete their Astronaut journal. They write about their space hero, their favorite planet, and their journey through space. These hero graphic organizers are from our hero’s research projects, which we use year-long to incorporate more diversity and inclusivity into all of our lessons!

Space Lesson Plans: Hands-On Science

We make galaxy slime using contact solution, glue, baking soda, and baby oil!

And if you’re exploring space, you need a rocket! So we make rockets using Alka Seltzer and film containers!

This hands-on experiment is included in our Student Scientist resource!

Space Unit: Space Snack Ideas

For our space snack, we eat the moon, stars, and rings of Saturn!

Moon pie=moon

Star Crunch=stars

Powdered donuts=rings of Saturn

space lesson plans space snack

Galaxy snack!  Popcorn, brownies, M&ms!

Space Art Projects

After we visit all of the planets, we make a picture of our solar system!  We discuss each planet (and the sun) and the students make their own planets and glue them on.  As we are working on this project, we’re having conversations about the planets and space!  A great informal assessment!

space lesson plans space art projects

Another fun space-theme art project is aliens and flying saucers!

For this earth painting, kids squirt some paint on paper and use their hands to smear the paint!  Then they cut out the circle.  You could do these for all of the planets by changing the color of the paint!

Kindergarteners In Space

We also make sure to take some pictures of ourselves as we explore the solar system!

We use green screen technology to make these awesome pictures!   My kids were amazed by this technology!

space lesson plans green screen pictures

how to use a green screen in the classroom

Space Sensory Bins

To make some space sensory bins we used black aquarium rocks and toy story martians! The cards are from or Aliens center resource and our Space Research Project!

Space Lesson Plans: Decorating

Decorating or transforming a room is not necessary. Not required. But it’s fun. Occassionally. We do one or two transformations a year. Keep it simple. For our transformation, we used inflatables from Amazon!


Another easy way to set the stage for engagement is through a YouTube video. Just search for “space background”, “space ambience”, etc and play some of these videos and it will look like you’re traveling through space!

set the stage to engage

For all of your space needs, grab all of our space creations!

Space Lesson Plans: FREEBIES

space lesson plans books
eclipse lesson plans and activities for the classroom

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