Patterns Lesson Plans And Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs: Schedulin Sunday

patterns lesson plans

Week 28 of kindergarten is the week after spring break, and it’s all about patterns, lesson plans, phonics, and weather! And we’re focusing on routines and procedures! We’re also reading Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and learning about Ben Franklin’s inventions!


You can get our lesson plan templates here:

weekly lesson plans and templates


We have a required foundational skills curriculum that we follow and supplement with our TKS BOOTCAMP resource, especially for extra practice and small group work! Our curriculum has switched to blends and digraphs so that we will move to Blends Bootcamp. Our TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum works with ALL curriculums or as a stand-alone resource! This week, we are using Blends Bootcamp and Word Family Bootcamp to focus on words with beginning and ending digraphs, blending and decoding words, writing words, reading decodable, and lots of word chaining!

science of reading phonics lessons

Blends Bootcamp is about using the sounds we learned in ABC BOOTCAMP to read words. We do two blends a week for five weeks, focusing on using all the sounds to decode, spell, write, and read words.

Our focus is on digraphs and CVC words. We’re practicing blending, segmenting, spelling, and writing words. We’re also playing soring and other games to focus on hearing the digraphs.

weekly lesson plans for phonemic awareness

One of our go-to activities is sorting pictures to differentiate the sounds!

Blends Bootcamp is an all-inclusive resource aligned with the science of reading! It includes whole-group lessons, small-group lessons, decodable readers, and centers!

word family activities

We will also use our Word Mapping mats during this time to work on our segmenting, spelling, and reading words! These have been a true game changer for my kids, especially those struggling with segmenting sounds and spelling words!

weekly lesson plans for phonics

We’re also using our Digital Word Building Resource to do word chaining to work on blending CVC words!

word chaining resources
word chaining lesson plans

We also used our glitter letters clipart to make glitter letter cards, and we’ve been using these cards in whole groups and small groups. The kids LOVE them! (This is CLIPART. You must insert the letter clipart into a document to make letter cards!)

phonics lessons

Sight Word 60

weekly lesson plans for sight words

This week, our words are: or, out, school, she

science of reading sight words instruction
teaching sight words

Reading: Now And Ben

Once again, this year, we’re using our required reading curriculum and supplementing it with our Read It Up! resources and TKS research projects. We’re now in module 3, which is all about past and present! This week, we’re reading Now And Ben and learning about Ben Franklin and his inventions!

Our lessons are questions and answers, as well as main idea and key details.

This week we’re also reading Bear Finds Eggs and working on sequencing!

Patterns Lesson Plans: Math

Our district has adopted a new math curriculum (AGAIN!), so we’re trying to figure it out because it’s a lot, and it’s not aligned with our state standards, so there’s that. We’re using the curriculum and supplementing it with our MATH IT UP! and TKS BOOTCAMP curriculums.

Our new unit is about patterns. I’m not a fan of this timing. We should focus on other skills at this point in the year, and patterns should be established early in the school year. But here we are so we’ll have some fun with patterns!

patterns lesson plans math unit

This unit has eight days of patterns lesson plans that involve making patterns, naming patterns and the kids talking about patterns! This week, we’re making an anchor chart, using Pop-Its to make patterns, doing movement patterns, and creating patterns with manipulatives.

patterns anchor chart patterns lesson plans
ideas and lessons for teaching patterns
patterns lesson plans and activities

We’re also still working on numbers and counting in small groups, so we’re using our Game It Up! Numbers And Counting To 20! The kids love these games, and they’re perfect for small groups!

Weather: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

This week we’re kicking off our weather unit! And we always start with Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. This is my all-time favorite book, and it’s such a fun way to introduce a weather unit!

We do a fun, SIMPLE room transformation to make our classroom look like Chewandswallow. We will do a story map, talk about real and fantasy and write about food falling from the sky!

Our weather unit will use our Weather Research Project!

Foodie Fun Friday

This week, our Foodie Fun Friday is our Peep In A Car snack! Peep, Twinkies, pretzels, and marshmallows!

Mad Science Thursday

This week our hands-on Mad Science Thursday is swabbing for germs! Each kid chooses something in the classroom to swab. Then we see how what kinds of germs grow!

Morning Meeting

This week, our greeting is a hamburger greeting! This is a PowerPoint greeting! Student pictures will pop up from behind the hamburger, and we will say, good morning!

Our morning meeting activity will be passing a plastic egg. We will pass a plastic egg using spoons.


This morning meeting activity ia great for helping students focus ans work on motor skills! Simply pass a plasric egg using plastic spoons! #teachersoftiktok #morningmeetingideas #kindergarten #fyp

♬ Funny Song – Mas Gombal
morning meeting resources

Patterns Lesson Plans Freebies:


Click below for the resources we are using in our classroom this week.

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leap day lesson plans and books
leap day lesson plans and centers

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