Schedulin Sunday: Dinosaurs And Ten Frames!

Happy Schedulin Sunday!
It’s the day when I spend my day planning and prepping engaging, hands on ideas to keep my ‘staches excited and learning.  And you know what?!  I LOVE IT!!!!   I love the planning and prep work!  And I love it even more when those plans come to life in our classroom and someone says:  “I love school!”
Here are my lesson plans for the week:

This is week two of our dinosaur unit!   I’m so excited!  We had a blast learning about dinosaurs last week that I can’t wait for week 2!

To see week 1 of our dinosaur unit CLICK HERE!

We are using my Dinosaur Research Project resource this week!

This week we’re going to be reading these books:
Monday we are focusing on dinosaur feet!  We will read How Big Were The Dinosaurs.  We will make a lifesize t-rex foot and estimate how many of our shoes it will take to fill a t-rex foot.  Then we will put our shoes in the t-rex foot to see if we fill it up!  We will then trace each of our feet in the footprint and label our feet.
We will also place the t-rex footprints in the hallway 15 feet apart to show how big a t-rex stride was.  We will see how many ‘staches it takes to make the stride and we will measure our strides and compare those to the t-rex stride!
Then we will make our own dinosaur feet using craft foam!
Tuesday we will read Dinosaurs Love Underpants and make a flow map to work on beginning, middle and end.  We will make a paper plate pterodactyl using paper plates and tissue paper!
Wednesday we will read If The Dinosaurs Came Back.   We will use flour, salt, cornstarch and rice and sticks to make our dinosaur poop craft.  We will continue talking about what dinosaurs ate and sorting dinosaurs by herbivores and carnivores.   We will also be paleontologists and excavate a fossil dig.  Or we will dig chocolate chips from cookies!
Here is a free kindergarten friendly book about paleontologists!
Thursday we will read The Dinosaur Who Lived In My Backyard and we will make life size T-Rex teeth!
Friday we will read  Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs and do a flow map to work on beginning, middle and end!
We will wrap up our dinosaur unit with a fun dinosaur snack!  Dinos In A Cup!  Pudding, oreos and a toy dinosaur!
We are also continuing ABC BOOTCAMP this week with letters P, Q, R, S, T!  We will make our circle maps and do handwriting and of course, our silly hats!
In math, we are working on numbers to 20 and counting to 20 using ten frames!  We are also continuing our number bootcamp!
We will play a giant ten frame memory game!  Thanks to Marsha at A Differentiated Kindergarten for this awesome idea!
I made giant ten frame cards and giant number cards.  Students will turn over the cards one at a time and see if we can find a match!
We will do a ten frame Post-It Note activity.  I will print numbers and ten frames on Post It Notes.  Students will match the numbers and ten frames on chart paper!
We will use Cookie Crisp cereal to practice making ten frames and counting in small groups.
And that’s our week!
Here are some freebies for ya:
Here are the resources we will be using this week:


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