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What is shared reading?

Shared Reading is an interactive reading experience that occurs when students join in or share the reading of a book or other text while guided and supported by a teacher. The teacher explicitly models the skills of proficient readers, including reading with fluency and expression.

I often get asked about what I do to help my little mustaches learn to read and be fluent readers.  One of the keys to our success as readers is our poem and emergent reader.    We read a poem a week and an emergent reader a week.    I choose poems that are sight word based and tied to our theme or unit.  For emergent readers, I write each of our emergent readers using our sight words for the week.  The emergent readers are also tied to our theme or unit.  The poem and emergent reader are part of our morning literacy routine.  You can see more about that in this post.

What makes your poem and emergent reader shared reading?

My students are joining in to read the poem and book with me.  I am modeling reading strategies such as using the picture for clues, using beginning sounds, tracking, and going back and re-reading.  I also model fluent reading and reading with expression.

What does shared reading look like in your classroom?

We follow the same routine for the poem and emergent reader.

Monday-echo read

Tuesday-choral read with some scaffolding.  I might stop reading for a few words and then jump back in.

Wednesday-Friday-Independent reading.  The students are reading the poem and emergent reader independently.  I am still jumping in as needed and will go back and model fluent reading and reading with expression.

Thursday-The emergent reader goes home for the students to read at home!

Friday-a volunteer gets to read the book for the class!

This shared reading experience is great because the students have a very concrete example of how important practice is if we want to be good readers.  We talk a lot about how we can’t hardly read our poem or book on Monday but by Friday we’re reading!   Not only is this a great way to model fluent reading but it’s a great confidence booster!  And that confidence is key in learning to read!

Check out this video to see what shared reading looks like each day!  (Sorry that Monday is blurry…it was Monday after all!)

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