Schedulin’ Sunday: Election

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Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday!  This week is all about addition and election!   And Halloween survival on Monday and Tuesday!   And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

kindergarten lesson plans screenshot-oct-29-21-14-09

The ‘staches will be using my Election creation to learn about making choices.

 Now, I know we don’t really wanna talk about this election BUT I think it’s such an important process in our country that we need to make our students part of the process.  So we do a 5 day unit on making choices.  We don’t get into the candidate’s specific stances.  We do learn there are 2 people and we have to make a choice between the two.   Here’s our 5 day election unit:

Day 1-spin and graph

Day 2-Dogs Or Cats

Day 3-Our Favorite Book

Day 4-Voting

Day 5-Data Analysis (Who wins?)

We set up a voting booth and have our own ballot box.  We have ballots.

(Please don’t judge these pictures!  These were done on my old iPhone 4…4 years ago…before I knew about taking pictures and stuff….but hey, it’s real life ya’ll!)

kindergarten election kindergarten votes election kindergarten kindergarten voting election kindergarten


This week we’re working on addition story problems.  And by this I mean SUPER simple story problems.  Like:  Mr. Greg had 1 kit kat and got another kit kat.  How many kit kats does have?!

We are also continuing with word family bootcamp!   This week we’re learning UB and UN words!   We will make circle maps then we build words.  Finally we write word family words!



For Foodie Fun Friday we’re making a red white and blue parfait!  Red jello, Blue Jello and whipped cream!

For Mad Science this week we’re making gold slime!  Click the image to see our post about making gold slime!

gold slime

hands on science

And that’s our week!!!!

Election Freebies!

election freebies



election freebies


election freebies

Here are the resources we’re using this week!

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