Schedulin’ Sunday: Halloween

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It’s Halloween time and Schedulin’ Sunday!

This week is all about subtraction and Halloween!    And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

screenshot-oct-22-15-16-48 screenshot-oct-22-15-16-28

The ‘staches will be using my Halloween and Fall creations to have some spooky good fun!


We will read Go Away Big Green Monster and make our big colorful monsters!  We will also make monster eyes using paper plates and green paper!  These eyes are so simple but look so cool!


halloween art

We read Even Monsters Need Haircuts and make ghosts, candy corn and Frankenstein with our feet!

monster books

Our class will make ghosts and Frankenstein and candy corn with our feet!

halloween art

halloween writing

This week will write about what Mr. Greg will be for Halloween!   This always turns out to be such a great writing activity!   Check out this post for more details on this awesome writing activity!

We will also do a directed drawing of a witch after reading Room On The Broom!

For math, we’re going to practice subtraction with ghost bowling.  We will make ghosts out of rolls of toilet paper.  (Glue on black circles for eyes to make ghosts!)  Then we will bowl the ghosts and subtract!

halloween books

For more Halloween ideas, check out this blog posts:

Halloween Goodie Bags

We are also continuing with word family bootcamp!   This week we’re learning UG and UT words!   We will make circle maps then we build words.  Finally we write word family words!



For Foodie Fun Friday we’re making Rice Krispy monsters!  (Rice Krispy treats, frosting and eyes!)  For Mad Science we’re making magic potion! Baking soda, vinegar, dishwashing soap and food coloring!

halloween science

And that’s our week!!!!


monster book

monster poem

halloween freebies



Here are the resources we’re using this week!



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