Dollar Tree Centers

Ya’ll know I love me some Dollar Tree.  I mean, where else can you spend $20 and walk out with bags full of stuff that you might need…or probably didn’t need…but you still bought it because you’ll use it someday.  I mean, have you seen my garage?  It’s a Dollar Tree hoarders dream come true.  BUY.  ALL.  THINGS!   But seriously, I love how you can find great items to make centers for your classroom. They’re fun…and quirky…and cheap!   So today I’m showing you how I spent $10 and made three different Dollar Tree centers for my classroom!    I’m also teaming up with 3 of best blogging buddies to share even more Dollar Tree centers!

So I spent $10 and made three math centers using these items:

First of all, I love Dollar Tree cutouts.  They’re so cute.  And so random.  And ya’ll know I love random.  Seriously.  Go into three Dollar Tree stores and you’ll find three totally different cutout selections.  This is awesome for teachers because it makes creating super easy!

Dollar Tree Counting

I bought these plastic cups.  I labeled the cups to 20.  Students will use these gems (also from the Dollar Tree!) to count!   We will actually use this on our light box!  But this will work on the floor or table.  Makes a great math center or a small group activity!  After counting, they can make the ten frame!

numbers and counting dollar tree centers

Click the ten frame recording sheet for your freebie!

Peanut Butter Jelly Addition

It’s peanut butter jelly time….oh wait…Dollar Tree centers…focus…

Found these cute peanut butter and jelly cutouts.  Wrote the addition equation on the peanut butter.  Write the answer on the jelly.  BAM!   Add, match and write!   This can also be a great partner game where they add and find the person with the answer!

dollar tree centers

Mousey Subtraction

Cute mice.  Some cheese.  Write the subtraction equation on the mouse.  Write the answer on the cheese.  Subtract.  Match.  Write.  BAM!

kindergarten subtraction dollar tree math

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