Push, Pull And Presidents: Schedulin’ Sunday

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Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday! This week we’re celebrating President’s Day, learning all about Push and Pull in science and subtracting to 10!

I am super excited to continue our push and pull unit this week because we’re ending the week with a kindergarten tug-of-war challenge.  And you know the mustaches are going to emerge victorious!!!!!

And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

presidents day lesson plans

Push And Pull Research Project

We will be kicking off a brand new unit for us this week!   We’re going to be learning about push and pull in science.  I am so excited to spend the next two weeks on this because I LOVE science and love geeking out with my kids on this kind of stuff.   Here’s what we have planned:  (Stay tuned for a blog post with videos and pictures of these ideas…)

force and motion

We kicked off Push And Pull with the book The Gigantic Turnip.  It’s a great read aloud for prediction and inference, as well as introducing push and pull!

push and pull

After reading the book we did the Hokey Pokey and made a bubble map of all the types of movement we could think of.

We will make cars out of construction paper and predict whether objects can move on their town.  Then we will find objects in the classroom and make them move.   We will get to do some pushing and pulling!   The kids will get to push and pull their friends using laundry baskets!   We will make some predictions about which is easier:  pushing or pulling our friends in a basket.  The kids will sit in a laundry basket and get pushed and pulled.  We will measure how far we go.  And we will also try different surfaces: carpet and tile to see if there is a difference!  The ‘staches will do push-ups and pull ups.  The kids will find objects to push and pull for a treasure hunt!

Friday will be explosive!   We will be making Alka Seltzer Rockets to see how force makes rockets go up!  Alka Seltzer Rockets are included in my Mad Science Creation!

kindergarten science experiments

push and pull books

President’s Day

This week of course is President’s Day!  We’re celebrating by learning all about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln! We will be using  my Presidential Research Creation!

For each president, we do a read aloud and a tree map.  After we learn about both President’s we do a double bubble map to compare and contrast the presidents!

presidents day


For each president, we will do a directed drawing!


You find the directions for the president’s directed drawing here!

We make presidential masks!


Of course, we need a presidential snack, so why not a log cabin made of bananas?!

presidents day snack

presidents day books

This week we’re also continuing  Vowel Bootcamp!   We are working on reading and writing CVC-E words and segmenting the sounds in the words!

vowel bootcamp

I did a pre-assessment on short and long A and short and long o.   48% of my ‘staches could heard the two vowel sounds and about the same could read the words.   After two days of vowel bootcamp, 85% could hear the sounds and 90% could read the words!!   I was so pumped for them and so thrilled to see their growth!

vowel bootcamp


In math, we will be working on subtracting numbers to 10.

Animal Cracker Subtraction

We will solve subtraction story problems using animal crackers!   I will tell a story and the students will use animal crackers to solve the subtraction story.  Yes, that involves eating the animal crackers.  And then the students will come up with the word problems and their friends will solve the problems!

subtraction word problems

We will also do some independent practice of solving subtraction equations!

animal cracker subtraction

The presidents will also make an appearance in math!  We will be flipping pennies and graphing heads or tails!

 presidents day math

presidents day math

Click for your freebie!

Presidents Freebies

president's day poem


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