Easter Subitizing Videos

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Subitizing or number fluency is a key math skill and is vital to our students math success!  If this skill is so important and necessary, why not practice with our Easter Subitizing Videos!  These videos make practicing subitizing fun and engaging for the kids and easy for you!

So what is subitizing?  Instantly seeing how many!   Think of a dice.  When we roll a dice we don’t count the dots.  We immediately know it’s 5 or 6.  That’s subitizing!

There are two versions of the Easter Subitizing Videos:  one is slower and one is faster!

Slow Version:

Fast Version:

I hope your students enjoy these Easter Subitizing videos!

Also check out these FREE Easter Subitizing cards!

easter subitizing videoseaster subitizing videos


You can find more of my subitizing videos on YouTube!

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