Measurement And Rainbows: Schedulin’ Sunday

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Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday! Today’s Schedulin’ Sunday is gonna be short because we have 4 days this week!  And it’s our first week back from Spring Break so we will be focusing on rules, procedures and expectations too!   This week we’re learning all about rainbows and measurement, learning digraphs and celebrating spring and Easter in our hippopotamuses (AKA Centers!)  As always, you can download my weekly lesson plans by clicking on the images!

Rainbows And Measurement Lesson Plans

rainbow and measurement kindergarten lesson plans


rainbow research project

We will be using my rainbow research project to learn about rainbows.  The students will learn what makes rainbows, the colors of the rainbow and we will do lots of rainbow art projects!  We actually started this unit before Spring Break and the class loved learning about rainbows so much that I want to spend another week on rainbows!  (Yep.  My kids interest and excitement is dictating our learning!  If they’re into it, they’re engaged and they’re going to learn more…so I’m gonna run with it!)

We will review our rainbow  schema map!   We add our new learning as we study and learn about rainbows!  Day 2 of rainbows is a tree map!

We will label rainbows and do a true false sort about rainbow facts!

We will make a torn paper rainbow like this one!


Torn paper rainbow!  This is a large rainbow on butcher paper.  Students work together to tear paper and make the rainbow!   We then hang this in our classroom to remind us that our class is beautiful and that teamwork makes things beautiful!  You can also do this project individually and have the students make their own torn paper rainbow!

We also painted rainbows with marshmallows!

rainbows and measurement

Blends Bootcamp!

blends bootcamp

We are continuing our  BLENDS BOOTCAMP!   Our Blends Bootcamp follows the same routines and structures (hello, consistency!!) as Word Family Bootcamp and Vowel BootCamp and ABC BOOTCAMP!  This week we’re focusing on digraphs:  sh, ch, th and wh!

Blends Bootcamp is a two day routine.  Day 1 is the circle map to introduce the digraph (or blend).  And day 2 will be building, reading and writing words featuring the blends/digraphs.

blends bootcamp

All of our Blends Bootcamp assessments will be done using ESGI!  All of my blends assessments are available for you to use on ESGI!


In math, we will be working on measurement.  We kick off our rainbows and measurement unit by brainstorming measurement words and ways to measure and things we can measure!   Then we put ourselves in order from tallest to smallest.  Then the students sort strips of paper from biggest to smallest.

Day 2 of measurement is measuring our friends!   We use receipt tape to measure our friends!   Then we put the strips of paper in order and hang them on the wall!

Day 3 is the measurement olympics!

 measurement and rainbows

We will do several measurement olympic events such as the straw javelin throw, cotton ball shotput and paper plate discus toss!  To measure, we are using gold medals as our non-standard units!

measurement olympics rainbows and measurement

We can also measure by weight!   And we can estimate which item is heavier and then we use our balance to test our predictions!

For more measurement ideas and FREEBIES, click the picture of click this link!

For more measuring resources check out my measuring creations on TPT!

The H Brothers Freebies

digraphs the h brothers

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