It’s spring.  And we all know what that means:  spring fever.  Loss of focus.  Excited.  Longing to be outside.  And that’s the teachers.  Imagine how our students feel at this time of the year.  We know we have to be on our toes to keep them engaged and focused and learning.  And the best way to do that is new and fun activities, games and centers!   So I’m always on the lookout for new ways to practice our skills!

 The great thing about kids is that the brain loves novelty so we can practice the same skills over and over again but when we change the delivery it’s all new for them.  New=engagement.  Engagement=learning!  Engagement=less behavior problems!  So our challenge is to keep learning novel!  Luckily that’s pretty easy!    So anytime I see something in sets of three my teacher mind immediately goes to CVC words!   If I see sets of ten, I get all giddy for ten frames!    That’s where today’s spring cvc words activity came from!

I saw these chalkboard clips at Wal-Mart.  They came in sets of 3 for .98 cents.  BAM!  And they’re such a cute spring theme that it was perfect for spring CVC words!   I have several kids who are still struggling with blending and reading CVC words so I hope this helps them build that skill!

spring cvc words

spring cvc words

I used my ChalkOla chalk markers to write the letters on the clips.  We focused on words with medial e, i and u because those are the words my students have the most trouble with!

spring cvc words   spring cvc words

Print some picture cards for the words you want the kids to build.  Put the clips into a basket with the picture cards.

cvc words

Students choose a card, say the word and build the word by clipping the clips onto the basket.  So they’re also getting fine motor skills practice!

building cvc words

And finally they write the word on the recording sheet!

spring cvc words

Spring CVC Words FREEBIE

Click the recording sheet for your freebie!

Also check out these resources for more CVC word work!


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