Ocean Animals and Subtraction: Schedulin’ Sunday

schedulin sunday arctic animals

Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday!    This week is all about ocean animals and place value!  And we’re continuing our end of the year Alphabet Countdown with Western day, Violet Day and your favorite t-shirt day!

Ocean Animal And Subtraction Lesson Plans!

ocean animals lesson plans

As always you can click on the image to download my weekly lesson plans about Ocean Animals and place value!

Ocean Animals

         zoo animals kindergartenocean animals

We will be using my Ocean Animals Research Project to learn about ocean animals!  Each day we will read, research and write about a different ocean animal as well as do an art project for each animal!   (My research project can be done an animal a day or you can focus on one animal and do an animal research project!).

For each animal we do a read aloud, a tree map, and we write about the animal.  We label the animal and do an art project for each animal!

ocean animals

ocean animals lesson plans

sharks kindergarten

We also do an interactive Venn Diagram to compare and contrast ocean animals!

ocean animal compare and contrast

For more on our ocean animal research project, including all of our art projects,  check out this post!

ocean animals

Ocean Books

ocean books ocean books kindergarten

AR Words

This week we’re learning AR words!   We go on a treasure hunt for AR words.  And we make a shark and write AR words as our assessment.

We’re also continuing are Alphabet Countdown!   This week is W, V, U, and T!   W is Western Day.  V is violet day.  U is umbrellas and T is for favorite t-shirt!

For more on our ALPHABET COUNTDOWN check out this post for ideas and freebies!

Math-Place Subtraction

In math, we will be practicing subtraction with some fun hands on games and we’re starting our timed fluency tests with our FLASH Math Fluency creation!  We do 50 problems in 5 minutes and make it a game for the students.  The data is not posted or shared and we only do our best each day!

We’re playing Dive In And Subtract!  We use our plastic swimming pool and some balls!   Students get to “dive in” and subtract!

Check out this post to see the details, a video and get your free recording sheet!

kindergarten subtraction

We’re also going bowling for subtraction!

kindergarten subtraction

kindergarten subtraction

And we have a new lesson called Chicken Subtraction.  It involves balloons.  That’s all I can say for now!  Stay tuned!

We’re also using our newest BOOTCAMP creations to work  and addition!

subtraction bootcamp      addition bootcamp

math fluency

Ocean Freebies

ocean emergent reader

ocean poem

  These are the resources and creations we are using this week:


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